Thielen to Undergo MRI but Optimistic About Playing Thursday

The entire state of Minnesota held its breath early Sunday as Vikings star receiver/every Minnesota girlfriend’s “Freebie List” Adam Thielen limped off of Ford Field. While making what is easily the most beautiful touchdown of the season Thielen injured his hamstring, which led Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins to go from celebration to pleas for help from the team trainers. Thielen exited the medical tent and spoke with teammates but did not return to the field.

Thielen was injured on this play, presumably while attempting to keep both feet in for the touchdown grab:

The Vikings played well without him, besting their divisional foe (I guess) the Lions 42-30 in what was ironically the best offensive game of the season. That should, in a weird way, give Vikings fans some more confidence going ahead this season as its hard not to salivate when thinking about what the outcome of the game would’ve been had Thielen played all four quarters. Cousins and Diggs have found one another, but it’s clear that Thielen and Cousins have amazing chemistry (I mean, again… That throw and catch… Goo).

Fans should also be confident as it appears that *knock on wood* Thielen should be ready to go on Thursday night despite the short week and the propensity for hamstring injuries to persist throughout the season. Thielen spoke with media after the game and said he was optimistic about his status for Thursday, but it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if the Vikings let him rest a week considering the fact that it’s a short week and the Redskins are… The Redskins.

That’d negate any possibility of the dreaded flare-up, something that despite today’s performance would drastically hurt the Vikings’ offensive output. Diggs has been a beast as of late (and he’s also had some struggles), but adding Thielen to the mix is obviously a different beast altogether. The Vikings will need a healthy Thielen especially as they close out the season, with their final two games being against the Bears and Packers. Their schedule also appears to be a bit easier considering the injury status of Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City and the Cowboys’ recent struggles.

Check back to and for all your Vikings news and content, as we’ll be keeping a close eye on Thielen’s availability and much, much more moving forward!