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As some of you know, is part of a larger (and actually the largeST) network of Vikings websites! We actually have three sites and are working on a fourth (a draft prospect site called, with being the newest and already the largest host of Minnesota Sports podcasts in the game (mostly Vikings related but also the Twins and local Minnesota Sports).

Our second site is, which is similar to but has a different mission in that it wants to represent the Vikings fanbases’ point of view whereas is a bit more standard and traditional in its approach.

We recently hired four more new writers at, some of which you may know (especially if you’re active on Vikings Twitter) and some of which you may not. Three of the four have written their first article this week and that’s what we’re going to check out today!

Let’s get into it, looking at each article in the order in which they were posted (most recent to least recent).

What Would it Take to get Trent Williams in Purple?

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Washington left tackle Trent Williams is skipping the team’s minicamp. Most would have assumed that his frustration would be due to a contract dispute. That was not the case. His frustration came from how the team’s medical staff dealt with a growth on his head that had to be surgically removed over the winter.

The situation gave Williams a scare, and now he wants out. He has demanded a trade or release. Williams has two more years left on his contract. Looking at Williams from a statistical standpoint, 2018 was a down year for him, but for the past near decade, Williams has been one of the top blind side protectors in the league. Some years he was the top.

Williams is a seven-time Pro Bowler. He has also been named to the All Pro team in the past. There have been many ideas for what it would take to net him in a trade.
Not very often does a player who is the top of their position  become available, especially at left tackle. So, what would it take to get Williams in purple? There are a few things that make this situation interesting. With Williams basically pushing his way out the door, Washington does not have much leverage to hold out for the best deal. It will be in their best interest to get this done quickly, and not go into the season with this distraction lingering on the team.

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Five Things to Remember when Drafting your Fantasy Football Team

Deshawn Vaughn (

With minicamp in the books and training camp right around the corner, and it’s never too early to start thinking about how your gonna dominate your friends and foes in the upcoming fantasy season. Fantasy football can be tricky, and it’s important to stay on top of things.

We here at are going to help you conquer all with a comprehensive draft guide that will include a visual dueling mock draft, and a list of sleepers at every position including those that play IDP. If you want to be a champion you’ll want to tune in and follow this guide all fantasy season as we’ll be making updates to waiver wire and trade targets.

First things first, here are the top five things to remember when drafting a fantasy football team before the season starts!

Be sure to have backups when starters have a tough week-to-week schedule.

We often pick our stars and keep them in the lineup no matter what. When drafting in the later rounds look for viable substitutes who can fill in and produce when your sure your star is in for a rough day

This applies especially for Quarterbacks be certain you know what the opposition’s defense is like where they rank fantasy wise. and be sure to keep two quarterbacks of starter quality on your roster. Some fantasy gems could be players like Miami’s Kalen Ballage, Washington’s Chris Thompson, and Arizona’s Kyler Murray just to name a few.

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Delving into Kirk Cousins’ 5-25 Record Against Teams Over .500

Taylor Nickels (

Unsurprisingly, there has been a lot of talk about Kirk Cousins’ 5-25 record against teams with winning records (it was 4-19 while he was with the Redskins), especially after this past season. So I decided to look back through each of his 25 losses against such teams and see which ones Kirk Cousins actually showed up in (by “showed up,” I mean that he either played well overall or he did enough/played well enough to win despite making mistakes), with his Pro Football Focus game grades included with each of the listed games below. Games where Kirk Cousins wasn’t objectively bad but had a sizable amount of garbage-time production (specifically, his performance last season against the Saints and his 2017 performance at Philadelphia) are, of course, excluded.

1) At Philadelphia Eagles (2014): In a game that included a fourth-quarter fight, Kirk Cousins played well in this offensive onslaught, as he went 30/48 for 427 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 1 interception in a 37-34 loss where the last score was a 1 yard touchdown run from Redskins RB Roy Helu with 4:16 left to go in the 4th quarter. On their final offensive drive, the Redskins were at the PHI 41 and faced a 4th and 10 (after a run by Alfred Morris for no gain on 1st down, an essential throwaway on 2nd down, and a great broken-up pass by Eagles CB Brandon Boykin on 3rd down). Instead of choosing to have their kicker Kai Forbath kick a 59-yard field goal, who had already missed a field goal earlier in the game (even though it was technically doable, given that there was only a 4 mph wind that day), they decided to go for it on 4th down, but a bad miss by Cousins intended for Pierre Garcon led to a turnover on downs. Nick Foles then completed a 19-yard pass to James Casey on 2nd & 11 with 1:43 left to go in the 4th quarter to ice the game. PFF Grade: 83.4

2)         At Los Angeles Rams (2018): Most Vikings fans probably remember this game well. Kirk Cousins played well in this 38-31 loss on Thursday Night Football, as he was 36 of 50 for 422 yards (along with 28 yards on the ground). The offensive line, unsurprisingly, had a terrible performance, and it ultimately ended with a blind-side strip sack that came in 3.31 seconds, according to the NFL’s Next Gen Stats. Jared Goff looked unstoppable in this game, by the way. PFF Grade: 84.9
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