Memorabilia M…Thursdays! 30% off Adam Thielen Signed/Un-Signed Funko Pop!

If you’ve either come to one of our wildly popular (in my immediate family, anyway) Day2Draft Parties or checked out my pretty snazzy Vikings background on my Sunday show, ‘The Smoke Break’, you’ll most likely have noticed that the parties and my man cave have some pretty amazing Vikings wares/Memorabilia. All of those amazing and exclusive products have been and are provided by Total Sports Enterprises, the exclusive autograph/memorabilia dealer of the Minnesota Vikings (and other teams around the state/country, visit their site for more information by clicking HERE).

You can follow TSE on Twitter by clicking HERE (they have a lot of autograph signings around the Metro with Vikings players, so if you’re an autograph head like me I’d highly suggest doing that!).

My favorite happens to be an autographed picture of Stefon Diggs crossing the end-zone during the MINNEAPOLIS Miracle (I know, some people call it the Minnesota Miracle, and the plaque that accompanies my framed image of Diggs crushing the spirit of everyone in the Bayou even says ‘Minnesota’ and not ‘Minneapolis’, but the fact remains that that phrase was coined by Paul Allen himself and.. Well, you can just watch it for yourself:

But I’ve yet again gone off on a tangent but it raises a good point, or at least some good motivation to keep an eye on, as they’re currently sold out of that Diggs package, but do have some great Diggs/Vikings products (check them out by clicking HERE, and using our code, for 30% off)!

Point being, you’ll want to snap this stuff up ASAP as they sell out quick in general but especially with our discount code!

My NEW favorite is the Adam Thielen Funko Pop! That’s the product we’ll be highlighting today, and each week (Monday typically) we’ll be highlighting something new and cool from TSE as we’ve been able to wrangle a discount code for 30% off EVERYTHING TSE has to offer and want to reward our readers with some of the coolest memorabilia ever!

Here’s the Adam Thielen regular AND autographed Funko Pop (click on the image for more info or to purchase), using discount code: PurplePTSD for 30% off! 100% of the Net Proceeds go to the Thielen Foundation!

Autographed: $59.99 (~$41.93 after Discount)

Use discount code: PurplePTSD for 30% off!

Use discount code: PurplePTSD for 30% off!

Click the Image for more Info or to Buy!

Adam Thielen Unsigned Funko Pop: $12.99 ($8.03 w Discount)

Use Discount Code: PurplePTSD for 30% Off!

Use Discount Code: PurplePTSD for 30% Off!

Keep an eye on their social media as well as their Website (especially the Vikings section (Click Here and Bookmark)) as they’re always getting new products in the door and because of their reputation and amazing inventory, they do sell out regularly (so you’ll want to take advantage of the discount, especially, as people are chomping at the bit for their products)!