The Chad Beebe Experiment Should Be Over

Glass doesn't work well in tackle football.

For a guy who was hurt in college and has never put together a string of professional game performances even slightly resembling an NFL starting wide receiver, it’s time to let Chad Beebe and his awesome “potential” become some other teams problem.

As a Husky from the small school of Northern Illinois, Chad Beebe was redshirted in his senior year because he hurt himself in the off-season. In addition, Beebe has two plates and 13 screws in his left arm thanks to a severe injury at the end of his sophomore season.

Beebe has 64 receptions for 930 yards and three touchdowns–in his entire college career.

What? Is he some kind of a giant? A great speedster?

No. He’s an undrafted wideout that’s 5′ 9′ and ran a pre-draft 40-yard dash in 4.68 seconds. Oh, yeah–he’s also Don Beebe‘s son, the special teams wonder from the Super Bowl Buffalo Bills of the 1990’s.


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As a pro, Beebe has been signed to the active roster of the Minnesota Vikings twice in both 2018 and 2019, and put on IR twice after three games in each of those seasons.

He has six catches for 109 yards and no touchdowns in his Viking career. In 2019, he has also had seven punt returns for 49 yards and two muffs. That’s seven yards a return and a muff almost every two touches.

In 2018, he tore his hamstring in practice, never recovered and was placed on IR in November. In 2019, he tore ligaments in his ankle in September, did not practice or play again, and was just placed again on IR last week.

Glass Doesn’t Work Well In A Collision Sport

It’s time to stop. With all the time, money and energy needed to sign an athlete to an active roster spot in the National Football League, Chad Beebe has proven that he’s the most fragile mistake the Vikings have made in decades.

A mistake so errant that they had to re-sign a failed player that had originally waived on the season’s final roster cuts in Laquon Treadwell.

A mistake so bald-faced that they scrambled to sign a cast-off receiver from the hapless Washington Redskins that they then decided to cut before he got a chance on the playing field in Josh Doctson.

A mistake that kept a promising player like running back Khari Blasingame unprotected as he was placed onto the Vikings practice squad instead of the active roster and was subsequently signed by the Tennessee Titans last week, robbing Minnesota of a future impact NFL player.

As you listening, Mr. Spielman? No more. Put your old football cards away and stop trying to make glass unbreakable. Its time to let Chad Beebe coach his high school football team and stop dreaming silly NFL dreams.

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  1. Wow. Has the anti-spielman movement resorted to this? Grilling him for signing a player at a thin position and letting Khari Blasingame go? R-e-l-a-x

  2. Calm down. You’re probably right to say Beebe is a flop but this isn’t even a mistake on Spielman’s part. The team took a chance on a receiver who runs good routes and you’re upset because they let a backup fullback walk? Who cares?

  3. His father was one of the only Bills of the NFL to win a Superbowler ring. He was quite likely scared of contact, or getting hit also, as he was one of the fastest men on the field. The thing about Don Beebe that set him apart from the Vikings, was he did win that ring. The Vikings can’t continue to rely on high draft picks like Treadwell to replace expensive players like Diggs and Thielen. The team can ill afford having two receivers of this caliber on the roster, again next year. One of these players, likely has to go. Thus, it is time to develop some talent. While Treadwell and Beebe don’t replace the ailing Thielen or the attention grabbing Diggs, they are needed on the roster. Their familiarity with the offense sets them far ahead of any free agents weare can just drag in, this late in the season. Now is not the time to just let them go.