Out Of The Limelight, Diggs Reveals Unfortunate Side

Diggs really put the ME in TEAM on this one--

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Stefon Diggs felt the need to express himself today about his frustration with the Vikings’ 2019 offense. In the team game we know as football, it was a rather perplexing presentation.

Nobody really wants to write–nor hear–about trade rumors that have no basis in any fact beside one player’s disgruntled disposition of his featured role on a professional football team.

Quite honestly, after a Summer of Antonio Brown’s antics followed by Jalen Ramsey’s insolent behavior as a NFL teammate and player, you’d think we might be out of the woods.

But no. It seems that Stefon Diggs also wants to be heard. Or to be seen, or talked about, or something.

Digging In–Or Out

Diggs has placed himself on a news perch by doing things like refusing to talk to the press after games, by tweeting cryptic emojis that prick up the ears of hungry scuttlebutts, and perhaps, by skipping practice for what seem like nebulous reasons.

In an impromptu press conference today, Diggs wore his jersey, under which was a purple hoodie that he kept tied close to his chin for some reason. The receiver answered questions about his personal chagrin towards his role–and lack thereof–in the 2019 Minnesota Vikings offense.

When asked about whether he had requested a trade, Diggs said no. He then said his agent had not requested a trade either, leaving us with Diggs just kind of standing, his hands moving from his front to clasped behind his back, talking about his “ability”, the “job that he does” and really not much else.

Diggs wanted to stress that he’d always been a “team” guy. For those watching and listening, perhaps that rang true–until now.

Messaging And Branding

With the world trying to process the logic of this underwhelming display of a “message” in the light of Diggs’ recent seven catch, 108 yard game against the Chicago Bears, the 25 year old receiver continued to shine the light of his disenchantment with most things Minnesota Vikings for several minutes.

With the signing of a five-year, $72M contract that included $40M in guaranteed money, one might suppose that a young wide receiver would be more interested in improving his connection with his team by direct contact with his quarterback, fellow receivers, position coach, offensive coordinator, or head coach, but Diggs seemed to push all that massive financial consideration aside and instead bring his “story” to the press–as directly as possible.

That story is about Stefon Diggs and no one else. Not Adam Thielen or the passing offense, nor the direction of the football team he plays on.

That direction took a strange turn today, and in no good way.


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