Last Call to get a Free Premium 1-Year Membership on [That Means NO FEES on all Tickets across the Country!]

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If you’ve been following the purpleTERRITORY Media Network this past month you’ll undoubtedly have seen the name Ticket Club somewhere. We understand that people aren’t the biggest fans of advertising and because of that we’re super selective in terms of who we work with and what products we offer our readers. Your support means everything to us and so we really strive to only partner with companies that offer something of great value to you, and Ticket Club not only fits that description but really takes the cake in that regard as well!

We’ve had exclusive relationships with ticket providers the past few seasons and while we’ve been able to say honestly that we then offered the lowest priced Vikings tickets PERIOD, we still did receive a lot of feedback about the per ticket fees that most ticket (re)sellers use(d) to make their profit. Luckily, we were able to begin working with Ticket Club and are now proud to announce that they’ll be our ticket provider of choice for the 2019 season.

If you’re not familiar with Ticket Club they work on a membership basis. That membership allows you access to the best priced tickets to ANY events across the country (sports, concerts, theater, etc.) because they actually don’t charge per ticket “convenience” fees!

They typically charge $50 for their first-year premium membership, but because they really want to work with us (as we’re the leader in independent/local media for the Vikings) they’ve given us the best deal anywhere online (in terms of tickets)!

By utilizing the discount code TCTWINS , you get a FREE 1-Year PREMIUM Membership on! Click Below to find the code redemption page and enter TCTWINS for the discount!

That gives you a year of fee free tickets across the country!

One of our writers (who lives in Baltimore) purchased 6 tickets to the Vikings/Giants game and saved over $200 on just that purchase!

Click HERE and enter the discount code TCTWINS to take advantage! You have zero obligation to renew for a second year after the first year is over, although that cost is typically $10 or $20.

That special is running through the end of the month (or the end of the week, we’ll let you know) so you’ll want to take advantage right away! After that, we’ll be working with them and running other specials, but you’ll definitely want to sign up even if you’re not buying tickets right away as you’ll save $50 and have a year of fee-free ticket buying after that!