A Minnesota Viking Fan Dangles

Guess we didn't learn a damned thing.

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After the Vikings were out-coached, out-played, and downright whipped on Sunday afternoon in Chicago, one wonders if they are a team worth a fan’s time, attention and heart.

With everything “administrative” that leads up to a crucial football game, all the work and planning, the tickets and seats and stadium logistics, the travel, even the TV marketing and schedule, it’s still important to realize that a team’s game performance is still the most important thing in football–and it shapes the emotion and enthusiasm of its fan base.

In regard to that fact, the egg that the Minnesota Vikings laid on Soldier Field against Chicago on Sunday is just about to crack.  Inside is a yolk that can easily make a mess of all those administrations.

Bears Boxscore

The 16-6 loss that the Vikings were on the losing side of might have been 36-6.  Chicago not only beat Minnesota to every punch, they did so after telling the Vikings every punch they were throwing.

Bears’ coach Matt Nagy stayed with a short, effective passing game even after his starting quarterback went out of the game with a shoulder injury, and the Vikings obliged the capable journeyman replacement, Chase McDaniels, by playing off coverage and producing little pocket pressure.

It was like watching a blackjack game where Chicago seemed to have an extra pack of face cards up their sleeve. The house kept winning; short gains, first downs, touchdown, field goal.  

Chicago held the football with this stratagem for 11 more minutes in the game than Minnesota.

Anyone Have A Plan B?

Offensively, the Vikings showed the creative impetus of a sea urchin. Kevin Stefanski, again proving he’s not a mind that has any business coordinating an NFL offense, devised a game plan about as smart as the plan he came up with last season in week 17 when the Vikings met the Bears in U.S. Bank stadium with a playoff berth on the line.  

The Vikings’ offense produced 164 yards in total offense in that week 17 game and were embarrassed by Chicago (using many defensive backups), by the score of 24-10.

Chicago’s defensive replacements again ruled the roost at Soldier on Sunday.  Minus three starters–no problem! The Viking offense–with nary a game audible to be heard–swam upstream like salmon, jumping into Bears’ jaws throughout the game.

Afterward, Mike Zimmer offered stoic “coach” platitudes at his presser.  He complimented Chicago’s efforts, told the press that his team didn’t play well, etc.  

His temperament almost seemed resigned. His face said: ‘This is who we are’.

Facing Facts?

And just exactly who are they?

A team that can easily beat average teams like Atlanta and Oakland, but lose two out of two division games to begin their season schedule?

A team that employs an offensive coordinator that has no real identity of offensive acumen and needs to be supplemented by an “assistant head coach for offense” and a “run game coordinator”?

A team whose head coach and general manager can spend a fortune on a quarterback and two wide receivers and not get them linked through four games of an NFL season?

At 2-2, the Vikings are wavering. Their fans are wavering.  In truth, these fans aren’t really sure whether the Vikings are good or just above average.  It’s okay to lose from time to time, but not in the way they lost yesterday.

Such losses lead to a loss of fan confidence, attachment, and devotion. Devotion is what puts jerseys on backs, inspires office talk, canvases the town in purple-and-gold.

This week, you won’t see much of that.  Not because they got simply beat by a team better than they are, but because they were beaten before the game even started.  


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  1. I have been a big fan since ’68 when i saw the ppe play & crush teams with their d. I have tried to divorce myself from them in the ’80’s & ’90’s. I could not do it. I grew up in charlotte & i like the panthers, especially the nee owner but i LOVE the Vikings! Zimmer is too conservative, he counts on opposing qb”s to be errant & good teams have good qb’s, have good blocking, have goid wr’s, so they don’t make many mistakes. They also have good coaching. So, the d must blitz more often, the cb’s must press more to make things happen. Therefore, to beat good teams you must do something different, like sean payton calling for an onside kick at the beginning of the 2nd half in the sb. Zimmer doesn’t get it & so far has shown that he won’t. His two 8 win teams should have won 10 or more games but his stubborn conservative nature prevents his success. I could game plan better than he does, easily. He is poor at it & so his team is not inspired. That is very evident, no fire, at all. The season is young & can be saved but only if he changes his philosphies. I have watched, analyzed & broken down many games, players & strategies, for over 50 years. Bb just beat the rams by blitzing, the same team zimmer sat back on & got picked apart by. Bb also pressed the wr’s knowing the all would have to come out quickly. Granted bb is the best ever but the point is he did something different.

    1. Agreed in full. I,like you, have been a fan for decades and I find myself asking the question why. Coaching SUCKS! Zimmer needs to go along with Cousins. The back up quarterbacks look better. They do the same thing every season and don’t learn a thing. I’m ready to bail again. I could go on for days about this,but I won’t. So, they will probably win this Sunday,but they won’t beat a Good team all season. The writing is on the wall. Dan Arcotta

  2. Oh by the way, my sundays are going to much freer now until this team shows me they are worth watching by winning a lot more games than they lose. As the new saying goes “adapt or die.” Zimer needs to follow this urgently & if not, then changes need to made sooner than later, no reason to waste a season. If he can’t turn it around in the next 2 – 4 games then change head coaches before the season is lost. The fans & the wilfs deserve better.

    1. Absolutely,I didn’t even watch the game,I saw the highlights,…from Chicago that is. Mack is a beast…let’s not plan for that. Etc,etc,etc. I see another year of disappointment coming because this franchise can’t figure it out. Coaching is the biggest issue! Cousins is definitely not the answer.