Panic Report: Regular Season Week One

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The regular season is finally here! We have plodded our way through the meaningless preseason schedule and are now going to watch games that matter. A few curveballs were thrown along the way (O-line injuries, Robison/Newman not on the roster, etc) but we now have our 53-man roster set and the REAL panic can begin. Here are the most concerning issues for the Vikings heading into week one.

Offensive line.

Danny Isidora snapped the ball to a Quarterback for the first time in his football career last Thursday. Pat Elflein will be out for the first week or two of the season, which means if the newly acquired Brett Jones sprains his ankle, Isidora is your starting Center. Even if the Vikings bring in more O-line help, this is still very thin ice.

Wide Receiver depth.

The Vikings have a one of the strongest WR duo’s in the NFL in Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs but after those two, there isn’t much. Imagine this: Stefon Diggs gets dinged up and has to miss the rest of the game. It’s third down and the Vikings need eight yards. The offense comes out in a four WR set that features Thielen and three guys with a combined 21 NFL catches and zero touchdowns. If you take Laquon Treadwell off of that list, they have a combined zero catches and zero touchdowns. Stacey Coley somehow made the team without ever playing (I wonder if he will be ready week one?) and perhaps the most “buzzworthy” preseason player (Chad Beebe) cleared waivers and is on the practice squad.

The Offensive Coordinator.

There are no real game plans for the preseason and no real concern over stats or the final score. However, I can count on one hand the number offensive plays worth remembering from this preseason and there is no reason to believe that John Defilippo is the reason those plays were successful. We not been given any reason to be confident in our new offense or offensive coordinator. The jury is still out on and until they get back, we should be concerned.