Vikings Bye Week–Time for Some Vikings Haikus

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It’s the Minnesota Vikings’ bye this week, which means a couple things: the Vikings don’t play a game this weekend (resuming play on Sunday night, Nov. 18, at Soldier Field in Chicago against the NFC North leading Bears), and it is “Vikings bye-ku week.” That means, in keeping with tradition from my former Vikings site called, we include a story of Vikings haikus—employing the Japanese poem structure that allows us to take a small break from the typical Vikings story and poetically express out thoughts and feelings about the current Vikings season.

The tradition started with Bo Mitchell, a former colleague of mine at VJ (who, if memory serves started the bye week haiku practice before coming to Mitchell is vice president of content for SportsRadar US and he still covers fantasy football extensively for 1500ESPN and specifically the Fantasy Football Party podcast. Mitchell graciously allows us to borrow his intellectual property and continue the bye-ku tradition. We are hope that he will chime in with some of his own if the muse strikes.

That is where you come in. I have included several of my attempts at Vikings haikus, and we hope you will do the same. The traditional haiku format includes three lines with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second and five in the third. No rhyming is required (but it can), the only requirement is the haiku somehow include some reference to the natural world or one of the four seasons. That can be difficult (and you can see below how I have shoe-horned in some of those references), but that is part of the fun and challenge. Really, we will enjoy reading any contribution you would like to make to keep flow going.

So, check out these Vikings bye-kus (my name for them), tell us what you think, add some of your own and enjoy the bye week. Here we go:


Rain drizzled pregame

U.S. Bank roof kept us dry

Thielen was thwarted


From their den they leapt

Lions sail ‘cross Viking seas

Detroit didn’t roar


‘Cross the bye be Bears

Upstart bruins of the North

Make them cubs again.


Player days away

They focus on fam not fields

Zim must ford the bye


Ten sacks at The Vault

Mitch races field side to side

He will run; can’t hide


Rhodes not Barred last game

Cook, but sad we had no Diggs

Nature, heal them soon.


Nineteen without Stef

A notion not for this world

Kirk finds hanging Chad


Open the big doors

Let nature freeze out the Pack

North crown goes thru Minn.


Kirk played the “tundra”

Threads passes through small windows

Exceeds expected


Footballs float like leaves

But Diggs and Adam catch them

Fans cheer and chant “Skol!”


Heaven and earth move

When Zim’s defense comes to play

Still king of the North