Zimmer: Xavier Rhodes’ Hamstring Injury is “Very, Very Mild”

Image courtesy of Vikings.com

During Sunday’s victory over the Green Bay Packers, Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes suffered what appeared to be a serious hamstring injury. After the game, former NFL team doctor David Chao posted a tweet which speculated Rhodes could miss the rest of the season with a major hamstring injury that would require surgery.

Well, on Monday, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer reported the injury suffered by Rhodes is not as serious as originally feared.

“Thankfully it’s very, very mild and as far as the TV doctors that were reporting – were very erroneous,” said Zimmer.

Rhodes clutched his hamstring in a very ominous manner after tackling Packers wide receiver Davante Adams. He fell to the ground in obvious pain and later needed assistance walking across the field to the other sideline.

He underwent an MRI on Monday.

At this point it’s unclear how much time Rhodes will miss due to the injury. He missed one game earlier this season with a foot injury.

I’m not sure what the Dr. saw (and most everyone else for that matter) while looking at the replay. I’m not a doctor but I certainly didn’t see a hamstring peel away from the bone. Either way it’s HUGE news that Rhodes only has to deal with a “mild” injury and not a serious one. Hopefully he’s able to return to the field soon.