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Minnesota Vikings Prospect Engagement Tracker: 2018

The team signed multiple players with whom they met last offseason

As part of the draft process each offseason, the Minnesota Vikings allocate 30 visits with NFL Draft prospects at their facilities. The Vikings, who scheduled their top-30 visits for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, have already met with players at the Senior Bowl, the East-West Shrine, the Combine, and at their respective Pro Days.

Last year, the Vikings met with or talked to players such as Pat ElfleinJaleel JohnsonDylan BradleyRodney AdamsElijah Lee, and Eric Wilson before selecting them in the draft or acquiring them as undrafted free agents.

The following list is composed of 2018 NFL draft prospects that have reportedly interviewed, worked out, or scheduled a private visit with the organization. The database will be continuously updated throughout April.


  • T30 = Top-30 visit
  • SB = Senior Bowl meeting
  • EW = East-West Shrine meeting
  • COM = Combine meeting
  • PRO = Pro Day meeting
  • PRI = Private workout


Running backs

Wide receivers

Tight ends

Offensive linemen

Defensive linemen




Special teams


Notice a prospect is missing from our list? Comment below or contact Sean Borman on Twitter at @SeanBoarMan!

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Sean Borman

Sean Borman is a writer with Minnesota roots that's still somehow an optimist. He was an intern with the Vikings during college and is an IT nerd by day. You can find Sean on the golf course and on Twitter @SeanBormanNFL.

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  1. Oh! Oh! Oh! I LOVED Jaylen Samuels’ highlight reel. Hell of a receiver, tough runner (both lowering his shoulder and with the stiff arm), can line up anywhere, and a touchdown machine both on the ground and through the air. And best of all, he spent his whole college career as a complimentary back, so he should be able to slide right into that role. His teammate, Nyheim Hines, didn’t really impress me that much, although I did watch his reel after Samuels’, which may have prejudiced me a little bit.

    No James Daniels, unfortunately. More Day 2 and Day 3 interior offensive linemen than I expected and only one mid-/late-round OT. Hmm?

    I like the DT options. I’ll have to start looking up the linebackers, safeties and corners.

    1. If the Vikings could somehow land Samuels I think he would push Murray for playing time because he can line up anywhere ~ I can’t remember how he is at pass blocking though ~ I think he is just a shade behind Cook talent wise ~ I have seen some saying he would be a great pick in the 5th round ~ No he would be a fantastic pick in the 5th ~ I don’t see him getting past the 3rd round and the 4th at the very latest ~

      The good thing is I have never been a scout or coach of any kind ~ Just a long time fan ~The great thing is I don’t have any real clue so maybe I’m wrong ~ LOL

      1. I really like what I’ve seen from Samuels on tape. He’s solidly built and has a versatile skill set. Like many RB prospects he’ll need to work on pass blocking but he’s a playmaker.

        One thing working in the Vikings’ favor is the positional value of RBs. If they’re able to collect more picks by trading down, I would be a fan of taking Jay Sam at some point in the middle rounds.

        1. Samuels could very well contribute as a pass catcher and sometime runner this year and replace Murray in 2019, I think.

  2. Wow the Vikings could go in so many different directions ~ I would love if a couple of the best OG\Center types fail to the Vikings in the first two rounds ~ I really like Easton ~ However I’m a team fan first so if they could really improve both right and left OG in the first two round I would be really happy ~ However I do not see any way that happens ~ I can’t wait to see what Spielman and Zimmer do ~ I could even see them trading back into the top of the 2nd round if someone is willing to throw a 4th round pick in ~ That 5th year option has to be worth it to some team ~ I’m not saying they will ~ But I wouldn’t be shocked either ~

    I do believe that if the want to draft a RB like Samuels it will have to be much higher than some are predicting ~ Why ~ Because no one outside of the Vikings know when Cook will be fully healthy ~ Also no one knows how long he can stay healthy ~ If I’m wrong someone correct me but wasn’t Cook’s injury history one of the reason he drop to the middle of the 2nd round ~ ??? I love his talent but I just don’t see them trusting that knee as a sure thing ~ That’s taking a huge chance ~ I love Murray but he to also has a injury history ~

    That being said they may be very comfortable with Brown as the #3 and they also have Ham if need be ~ And while I really like Samuels ((( I live in Wolf Pack country ))) I don’t believe he will be around as late as some are hoping he will be ~ Hines reminds me of Brown who the Viking already have on the roster ~ So I don’t see him being on the Vikings wish list ~

    Call me a sucker but I could live with Dallas Goedert at #30 if he somehow fail that far ~ I love Rudolph but I cant remember him having but a couple of healthy seasons in the last 8 years ~ I really like Morgan ~ But more as a blocker ~ Maybe he shows big improvement this year in the passing game ~ ???

    That being said I wouldn’t be shocked if the Vikings go defense in two of the first 3 rounds ~

    Yeah I’m excited ~ LOL

    1. I tend to think Samuels can be had in the fourth round but not the fifth, but we might need to reach for him at the end of the third. Knock on wood.

      I’ve said elsewhere that Goedert is the one guy I could see the Vikes taking at #30 instead of an interior lineman. Adding him and Samuels to the mix after already signing Kendall Wright would really give Cousins quite the aerial circus to play with. But Gordy, you know you should have checked Pro Football Reference before talking about Rudolph like that. The man has played and started 16 games each of the last three years, did so once more in the second of his seven seasons in the league, and missed only one game as a rookie. His reputation for fragility is pretty much completely based on his 2013 and 2014 seasons.

      Skol, buddy.

      1. What I should have been trying to say is that even when he has played 16 or more games in a season rarely has he been mostly healthy over a full season ~ He and Newman could never be compared ~ LOL Same goes for a lot of Vikings ~ Rudolph has been on the injury report more than most IMHO and no I’m not going to look those injury reports up ~ LOL ~ Just look at the end of last season ~ He was far less than 100% over the last 3 or 4 games and the playoffs ~ He was playing hurt and it showed in both his run blocking and getting open ~ After that 25 yard TD catch he just disappeared from the passing game and it also showed up in his run\pass blocking also ~ Just because he was on the field doesn’t mean he is helping the team ~ He just happens to be the best TE they have with Morgan being a late round backup at this point ~

    2. Personally I’d like the Vikings to target both an OT AND OG in the early rounds, but it all depends on how the draft plays out. TE would be nice w/Rudolph being a contract restructure/cut candidate next offseason but, like you mentioned, I’m hoping Morgan steps up in the passing game this year.

      Cook didn’t miss much time in college – only 2 games over 3 years I believe. Teams seemed more concerned with his off-the-field persona which is why I believe he fell in the draft. That being said it would be nice to have some insurance at the position with him coming off a major injury and Murray’s injury history.

      1. Thank you Sean for updating my memory on Cook ~ I read so much about the Vikings draft picks last year I sometimes get them mixed up ~ Not often but often enough for cka2nd to have to correct me from time to time ~ LOL

        I have said all offseason that I hope this draft plays out to were the BPA plays offense and is the BPA by a large margin ~