Views from Our Message Board – Top Topics of the Week

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If you’ve followed at all, you’ll know that we recently launched our very own internal message board!

It’s something we’ve been working toward for a really long time and as the largest independent and local Minnesota Vikings content network, we really hope to grow the biggest Vikings community online as well (especially considering the amount of giveaways we’re able to do and discounts we can wrangle from ticket providers, for example)!

So, we hope that you’re able to join us to discuss the Purple and Gold! We have a great group of writers and are able to host live chats for live events (as we do for every game), so, really, all we need is you to complete the trifecta of content, resources (tickets/Vikings merchandise/access) and the most important, which is you!

Click Here to Register! You can use your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to do so! It’s free and super easy!

Otherwise you can access the Vikings News section of the board Here.

Here are the Top 3 topics in the board this week! Introduce yourself to the group (see number 3) if you’d like, too!

  1. How Big of a Difference will Everson Griffen Make?

  2. Saints “Revenge Game” Thoughts/Predictions

  3. Introduce Yourself!