Training Camp Betting Odds Update: Vikings Provide Great Value!

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Crypto-currencies were one of the top stories of 2017 because of their ability to create instant, young millionaires. Those millions came from a ton of people investing and creating insane multiples for people that bought in when Bitcoin was worth less than a penny. There are as many crypto-currencies as players in the NFL now and because of that people are attempting to find the “next big thing” while attempting to avoid missing out (or FOMO). Well, good news, as I’ve found the next sure thing and that happens to be our favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings aren’t a crypto-currency (although I do believe if I started a “SKOL-coin” I’d be able to retire early, in prison, for insider trading), but they do allow the possibility for you to make a ton of money this season now that sports betting is both legal and semi-credible. According to most betting and bookie sites, the Vikings offer some of the greatest value in terms of betting, which may or may not come as a surprise depending on your faith in the Vikings to… Not be the Vikings.

According to the updated Super Bowl odds, the Vikings have 15 to 1 odds to win it all, that actually makes them the fourth “best” team in regards to those odds, only trailing behind the Philadelphia Eagles (who have 7/1 odds), the New England Patriots (10/1) and the Los Angeles Rams (13/1). Other teams of interest, obviously, are the Green Bay Packers who share 20/1 odds along with the Atlanta Falcons), the Detroit Lions with 55/1 odds and the Chicago Bears who have 77/1 odds.

That means if you decide to put in $100 you’d receive $1,500 dollars back which would be an amazing cherry on top of the pile of cherries that the Vikings winning the Super Bowl would be. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to toss some money towards a lower team, as the odds are amazing and the NFL more than any other league (especially the NBA) has a ton of parity from year to year (and the Bears aren’t going to be THAT bad).
These updated odds have changed the status quo that has existed this off-season, where the Vikings were typically tied with the Los Angeles Rams. With training camp plugging along perhaps those in the betting game have seen something coming from California (other than smoke from the largest wildfire of all-time) that has made them feel that the super team they’ve put together is actually gelling. That may not be a good sign for the Vikes, but considering they’ve also got a super team working together every day out in Eagan, I’m sure these odds will change as we get closer to the beginning of the season.

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