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Top Message Board Topics for the Week of June, 17th!

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As the 2018 season gets closer and closer we’ve been quietly amassing some new features to help our readers/followers get closer to the action than any site really ever has. Part of that is thanks to our brand new message board/forum, which is where we’ll be posting a lot of links to our live videos from training camp in about a month thanks to our press passes and brand new 4k camera! So, if you want to really get access to the team in a way that you haven’t ever seen, make sure that you’re registered on our message board (and also subscribed to our YouTube Channel, and also a follower of our Twitter and Facebook accounts) so you don’t miss a minute of the action as we sweat it out on the sidelines watching the purple and gold perfect their new scheme on offense while their defense welcomes a lot of new faces like Mike Hughes, Holton Hill and Sheldon Richardson.

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This Week’s Top Topics on the Board are (in no particular order):

1. CFL Highlights of Brandon “Longshot Legend” Zylstra

2. How Much Harder Does Passing Get as Offenses Approach the Goal Line? [VT]

3. Video: Pick 6 Mailbag: Who Stood Out During The Offseason Program?

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