Revitalyte [Our Sponsor] Launches Grape Flavor Just in Time for the Season!

After a 13-3 season that ended one game from the Super Bowl, the Vikings have doubled/tripled/quadrupled down by improving at nearly every position of need last season by adding quarterback Kirk Cousins, defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson and safety/hybrid-linebacker George Iloka. Any bad taste that could’ve been left in the mouths of the players and fans was immediately flushed out by those moves and instead of dwelling on the 38-7 loss to Philadelphia like we typically do after a loss in the NFC Championship (just check our tagline at the top and bottom of, or the name purplePTSD in general) the team, again, destroyed that bad taste. Speaking of bad taste in one’s mouth, our sites and have an amazing new sponsor for this season in Revitalyte (, a rehydration solution that helps alleviate the bad taste/dry mouth you get from drinking by providing essential electrolytes and fluids whether you’re an athlete looking to replenish what you lose while working out (allowing your body to recover faster, and maxamize them gains) or someone who plans on drinking beer/wine/spirits/all three this sunday during the season opener between the Vikings and 49ers and also plans to make it to work on Monday (while not being miserable)! If you want to flush the taste of Sunday’s fun out of your mouth, Revitalyte is your solution!

Revitalyte is a local product, created by a couple of friends and Vikings fans. They’ve had one flavor, an orange colored “Mixed Fruit” concoction that is, beyond it’s benefits, is just objectively delicious. However, the fellas behind Revitalyte decided to crank things up to 11 by adding a second flavor, something that you should be able to find at your local liquor store (Click Here to find which stores near you carry Revitalyte) today! What flavor, you ask? Well, considering it’s the season opener this weekend and the owners of Revitalyte are Vikings fans, you perhaps know where this is going…

That’s right! Revitalyte is going Grape!

Talk about a game changer! Now you can bring a bottle or two of Revitalyte with you when you’re tail-gating and it’ll fit right in as it’s the perfect color of purple that every Vikings fan needs as Revitalyte has been proven to rehydrate better than any other sports drink, juice, soda or even water on the market! So, grab a bottle or two this weekend and try out the new grape flavor!