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Report: Vikings View Teddy Bridgewater as “Viable Backup Plan”

The team may bring back the quarterback if it doesn't land its main target

The Minnesota Vikings plan to pursue Kirk Cousins in free agency. That’s no secret. What’s more of an unknown is what the team plans on doing if it misses out on the quarterback. Well, it appears we now have some insight into the team’s thoughts on the matter.

According to Ben Volin of the Boston Globe:

“The Vikings told Teddy Bridgewater at the Combine last weekend that they intend to pursue Cousins, per a league source, but that Bridgewater remains a viable backup plan.

Volin later added:

“Bridgewater should be in high demand between the Dolphins, Jaguars, and whichever teams lose out in the Cousins sweepstakes. Bridgewater won’t be handed a starting job, but he should command $12 million-$15 million per year on a one- or two-year prove-it deal.”

While the chances of Bridgewater returning to the Vikings appear to be slim, there’s still a slight possibility he returns to Minnesota as a “Plan B” option. It’s unclear whether or not Bridgewater would be interested in a reunion at that point.

If not, Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network recently speculated the Vikings would look to bring back Case Keenum if the price for Cousins gets too high. So, it could very well be the case that both Bridgewater and Keenum are still in the mix.

It all depends on the Cousins culmination in free agency.

Also throwing a wrench into the situation: Drew Brees has yet to sign an extension with the New Orleans Saints. Could he actually be an option for the Vikings? Drew Mahowald explored the chances he lands in Minnesota.

For now, Kyle Sloter remains the only signal caller under contract.

The Vikings can enter into contract negotiations with player agents when the legal tampering period begins tomorrow at 3pm (CST). It’s shaping up to be a very interesting week.

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Sean Borman

Sean Borman is a writer with Minnesota roots that's still somehow an optimist. He was an intern with the Vikings during college and is an IT nerd by day. You can find Sean on the golf course and on Twitter @SeanBormanNFL.

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  1. “but he should command $12 million-$15 million per year on a one- or two-year prove-it deal.”

    More like a two-year prove-it deal than a one-year one, at least in that price range.

    Regarding this year’s Quarterback Carousel:

    –At least seven teams are looking for their QB of the future this off-season: Buffalo, NY Jets, Cleveland, Denver, NY Giants, Minnesota and Arizona.

    –Of those seven, two currently have “bridge” starters: Cleveland and the Giants.

    –Two more teams are looking for challengers, or goads, to their current starters: Miami and Jacksonville,

    Of the available veteran QB’s:

    –One free agent QB is a consensus “QB of the Future:” Kirk Cousins.

    –Five free agent, and one other who might be available in a trade, are generally seen as bridge, challenger/goad or very high-end back-up QB’s: Josh McCown, A.J. McCarron, Sam Bradford, Teddy Bridgewater and Case Keenum in free agency, and Nick Foles in a possible trade.

    Of the available rookie QB’s:

    –There are five rookies thought to have a realistic shot at being drafted in the first round: Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield and Josh Rosen.

    If Kirk Cousins does NOT sign with the Vikings and instead signs with either the Broncos, Jets, Bills or Cardinals, AND we assume that the Vikings do not trade up in the first round chasing a QB, then:

    –The five likely first round QB’s would probably end up on one of the following six teams, with Cousins filling the sixth hole on one of the four teams without a bridge QB: Buffalo, NYJ, Cleveland (with Tyrod Taylor), Denver, NYG (with Eli Manning) and Arizona.

    –The five free agent and one possible trade “bridge” QB’s would likely end up on six of the following seven teams (again, with Cousins filling the last spot): Buffalo, Miami (with Ryan Tannehill), NYJ, Jacksonville (with Blake Bortles), Denver, Minnesota and Arizona.

    In other words, if Minnesota does not sign Kirk Cousins or try to move up in the first round to draft one of these five rookies, ALL of the other teams most interested in a high-end QB this off-season could find one, or a combination of a bridge and rookie QB. The only possible fly in the ointment is that Miami, sitting at the #11 spot in the first round, could go after one of the rookies, thereby screwing over Arizona, which, unlike Buffalo, may not have the draft picks to trade up ahead of the Dolphins.

    On the other hand, if Minnesota DOES sign Kirk Cousins, at least one of the other teams mentioned above will be thoroughly screwed and have to either (a) reach for another rookie in the first round, or (b) wait until the second round of the draft to get a possible QB of the future – and do any of them look like this year’s Derek Carr? – or (c) reach out to someone like Mike Glennon (Eeek!) to be their bridge starter this year or, finally, (d) take a chance on a McCarron, Bridgewater, Keenum or Foles being not just a bridge QB but a QB of the future.

    So, for the sake of the other six teams, and for those of us Vikings fans who aren’t convinced that Kirk Cousins is worth the money he will be paid over the next three to four years, please do us all a favor, Mr. Spielman, and do NOT sign Kirk Cousins. Your peers, and some of your team’s fans, will thank you.

    This has been a public service message from…

    1. Yes thank you. No to Kirk, Teddy and a Rookie is the best option. Sign a 3Tech DT, Guard and either a 3rd WR or backup TE and put the team Teddy deserved to have around him and he will deliver. He will still probably be rusty, but it will go away after a couple games..

    2. My best guess is that Spelman~Zimmerand new OC agreed to who the QB could and couldn’t be before John DeFilippo wouldn’t even take the job as OC and seeing how he was said to have flopped with the Browns I’m sure this information is something he would want to be able to take to the bank ~ Well thats my best guess ~

      Funny thing is I have looked all over the web and there is nothing about this but here and on the ESPN1500 sites and both are tied to this joker who misses more than he hits on when covering his local team and Tom Brady ~ Yeah I’m not feeling this to much right now ~

      1. DeFilippo certainly didn’t turn around the Browns’ offense in 2015, but he did help Johnny Manziel ENORMOUSLY, which is why I wouldn’t be shocked if Manziel gets a shot at QB2 for us.

        “Funny thing is I have looked all over the web and there is nothing about this”

        Wait, about what, that Teddy might still be Plan B? Or that the Vikings and DeFilippo might have already agreed on who the QB could or couldn’t be before he was hired?

  2. I had really had hoped the Viking could stay away from Kirk ~ But if a QB with one very questionable knee is the best they can come with as the sure fire starter for 2018 if they miss out {{{{ then I can only hope that Spielman is all in on the pursuing of Kirk Cousins even if they have to start drafting replacement for future FA in 2018 ~ }}}}

    I can not bring myself to believe that Spielman and Zimmer care so little about their jobs or the team to head inot 2018 with sure a HUGE question mark at QB ~ But what do I know ~ I have seen Viking HC make dumber choices over the last 50 years ~ Why not start the cycle all over again ~

    I guess I could just hope the Viking just go ahead and give the Eagles their 1st this year and out 4th next year for Foles on Wednesday and be done with it ~

    It’s clear that Ben Volin of the Boston Globe:doesn’t care what people think of his job of slinging BS against the wall to see if any of it will stick ~

    The good part about this is I want lose any sleep over this because I do not believe a single word of it ~ LOL ~ I just needed a rant to put me at ease ~ LOL ~ I trust Spielman and Zimmer much more than that ~ And as they both said if they mess this up they will most likely lose their job and even though I’m a big supporter of theirs I would hope that they do ~