Morning Joes – Breaking Down the Jets [Kirk Cousins vs. NYC Media/Fans, Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen as the WR’s “Best”/Whether he is “Athletic”]

On this episode of Morning Joes, the fellas break down the upcoming game against the “upstart” Jets, from the banged up secondary vs. Cousins/Diggs/Thielen, whether or not Dalvin Cook could/should play, Thielen as the NFL’s “Best” and the idea that he’s not “Athletic”, the Defensive Line (including the return of Sheldon Richardson to NYC/Jersey) and Much, Much More! It’d be amazing if you could subscribe and/or share this with your friends as we really love bringing you guys content and so any sharing or subscribing does really, really help us out!

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Also, we reference Joe Oberle’s article on about Adam Thielen. Click HERE to read that piece!




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