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Offensive Identity | Pick 48 Debate [VT Roundtable – Episode 5]

Depth proves to be a difference-maker on this week’s VT Roundtable, as the guys tackle a number of Minnesota Vikings topics despite two key absences from their weekly panel.

Topics range from determining the identity of Minnesota’s rebuilding offense to a purple twist on Fantasy Football in yet another action-packed episode of polarizing opinions, unexpected tangents and a handful of hot takes.

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Episode 5

  • What is the “identity” of the Vikings’ offense? Has it changed this offseason?
  • Minnesota is clock with the 48th overall pick, and Rick Spielman wants YOUR recommendation; which prospect(s) would you endorse (within reason)?
  • Should you roster any Vikings players in Fantasy Football in 2017, and is there anyone worth targeting specifically?

Austin, Sam and Drew will remain deadlocked atop the standings headed into next week with no “official” winner announced for this episode. That said, however, I think we all know who deserved to go home with a victory in this week’s tilt.

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BJ Reidell

Captain Content and Superior Half of About the Labor: A Minnesota Vikings Podcast. Human Flamethrower on Twitter @RobertReidell.

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  1. you should rename this podcast “The Hindenburg Episode”

    “I use a cap to sculpt my hair”
    “…. yea, I just throw on a cap and there it is, I don’t use products”
    “I see a barber, not a stylist” ….. WTF!?!

    I hope the Vikings play a really frustrating game next season that causes BJ to pull his hair out

    1. While I cannot argue with your cap angle, you must know salons are for women, not men, Ole. Perhaps the chic island lifestyle has clouded your judgement. Remember, this site is dedicated to Minnesota, the land of ice fishing, hooded sweatshirts, and buzz cuts that grow out too long until they become boxy, blob-like poofs. We can’t go getting all Paul Mitchell on our constituents…it’s bad for the brand!

      1. This is a very ambiguous response, Sam.

        Ask yourself, “Would Burt Reynolds use a barber or a stylist”
        The answer is neither, he would simply change his toupee

        The day will soon arrive when one of you guys gets that fatal diagnosis of HIV
        Hair Is Vanishing

        You’ll dream of all of those missed opportunities to allow a stylist to cherish your bouffant

  2. What I want to know is why is anyone interested in Marshawn Lynch, but not AP — they seem to me to be pretty similar, maybe Lynch doesn’t fumble as much, but neither of them is great at pass pro or receiving and AP is a lot better as a pure runner. And Lynch has sat out a year in retirement.

    1. I believe, at this point, most people think Lynch has more left in the tank. As you said, he doesn’t have the fumbling issues, but is superior (fwiw) in protection and as a receiver. I also don’t know that AP is actually better as a pure runner at this point; after the YPC last year, teams seem hesitant to sign a one-trick pony whose one trick may have lost its luster.

      Still, it surprises me that Peterson is on the market at this point. Surely there’s some way he can help a team. This tells us he’s either asking for too much, or is indeed content to let the process play out, like he said.