Bump & Run: Biggest Draft Needs

Hello, friends. I’m back. I’ve reclaimed my guest bedroom studio just in time for draft week, and am excited to bring you this draft preview edition of Bump & Run.

In this episode, I explain why we can and should still get excited about the draft, despite the Vikings not having a first round pick. I also discuss why drafting for need is not the enemy, and how every NFL team does in fact consider need when drafting. Plus, I give my top three draft needs for the Vikings, which are:

  1. Ham
  2. Running Back
  3. Linebacker

All this plus the general hijinks you’ve come to know and love expect. Click the thumbnail above or watch on YouTube here. Thanks for watching!

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Sam Neumann

Sam Neumann is a freelance writer and lifelong Vikings apologist. He has seen his share of Vikings-related heartbreak, but believes we are united by the hope that one day that norse ship will come in. Sam is the author of three books, including the New York Times Bestseller Memoirs of a Gas Station. He lives in Denver, Colorado, and has had it with Broncos fans. You can follow him on twitter @NeumSamN.

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3 years ago

Sadly, Remmers and Rieff are DEFINITELY getting hurt at the exact same time. If nothing else, we Vikings fans can extract some peace from knowing we can never, ever have nice things.

Sam Neumann
Reply to  Andrew
3 years ago

Accurate. It’s our birthright.

3 years ago

Feeney has concussion history, and after the issues with Fusco last year, I’m not convinced he’s the right guy for the Vikings.