Reviewing the 2016 Vikings Defense [PODCAST]

BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald review the Minnesota Vikings’ outstanding defensive season, sift through specific areas in need of improvement, evaluate the year-long performance of the unit’s greatest contributors and speculate both on if the defense will be better next year and how to assure improvement in 2017.


  • Gaudy statistical rankings
  • Spectacular defensive line and pass-rush
  • Regression of linebacker Anthony Barr
  • Mike Zimmer’s ability to develop an outstanding defensive secondary
  • Specific areas in need of improvement
  • Speculation regarding impending free agents and potential hole-fillers


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Welcome to the NFL offseason — when the Minnesota Vikings failed to make the playoffs because a couple of extra points really did matter. Since it’s the (early) offseason, and the Vikings don’t have a matchup this weekend for us to seek your stance on we are debuting a new partner segment to the show to make sure our listeners are as involved in the show as they would like to be.

After listening to the podcast, there will be a poll waiting for you to voice your opinion on some facet of the show. This week we’re keeping it simple: Let us know which positional group most impressed you.

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