Long Wait to Pick 48 [PODCAST]

BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald discuss how the Minnesota Vikings should approach making their first pick at No. 48 overall, reviewing the current list prospects that have been in contact with the team, Andrew Sendejo’s Twitter battle with a disgruntled delivery man and the Richard Sherman-to-Minnesota hypothetical on Episode 54 of the About the Labor Podcast.


  • Pick No. 48
  • Top-30 Visits and Prospect Interactions
  • Andrew Sendejo vs. Delivery Guy
  • Richard Sherman Hypothetical


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Men’s Health: “Minnesota Vikings Safety Agrees With Delivery Guy Who Insulted His “‘Tiny ****'”

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BJ Reidell

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  1. Really fun draft discussion to lead off the show, you guys. I can’t disagree with your list of needs at all, I would only say that I don’t think starting the season with Easton at C while later round offensive line picks develop would be the end of the world. I think if they don’t take OL in 2nd or 3rd, they will have to load up on a few later, but I also really believe they should get difference makers at any position as early as they can. Evan Ingram, Joe Mixon or even Chris Godwin could all radically change our offense for the better. None could be there of course, but there’s a scenario where they all could be. Can’t see them passing on Lamp or Feeney (unless the concussions freak them out) if either are there, but there’s a scenario where neither could be. Outside of QB and DE, there is no position I will object to at 48 as long as the perceived value of the player is high. Most of our best draft picks in the past have not been need picks after all. I don’t know the health of Tom Johnson (which is a real concern) but I believe @IAM_Dat_One Jones is going to be quite good at 3-tech in rotation. He did so many good things playing out of position(s) in GB. I think he comes home in the middle of our line in very real way for us this year. Thanks for the ‘cast. Learned a lot in this one.

    1. warrian — thanks for the comment. I think your philosophy of grabbing playmakers at any position is similar to Spielman’s. He likes to target the freak athletes that can develop under the right coaching and he doesn’t necessarily target the perceived top need. Linebacker, 3-tech and running back are all possibilities at 48, especially if Feeney and Lamp are both off the board.