About the Labor: Surprise, Surprise [PODCAST]

BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald discuss the Minnesota Vikings’ backing of Michael Floyd’s Kombucha claim, surprise starters and make a couple end-of-June predictions for the NFC North division based on their recently-completed rankings segment. The guys also wrap-up the show with Take 5 lists on their favorite travel destinations.

Episode 77 is sponsored by local stand-up comic Brendan Gay — Catch the LIVE recording of his first comedy special at the Joke Joint Comedy Club (Lilydale, Minn.) on August 10th! Use to the promo code “BRENDAN” to get 40% off your ticket at www.JokeJointComedyClub.com!


  1. Intro: The Agenda (0:00)
  2. Advertising: See Local Comic Brendan Gay Perform LIVE August 10th (1:37)
  3. Floyd Filler: Somebody Screwed the Pooch Here (2:30)
  4. Surprise Starter: Who will be Minnesota’s Surprise Starter Mid-Season (13:00)
  5. NFC North Rankings: Final Takeaways featuring Multiple Tangents (22:33)
  6. NFC North Rankings: Knee-Jerk 2017 Records & Standings Predictions (31:34)
  7. Take 5: Favorite Places Visited & Where BJ Got His Butt Tattoo (43:23)
  8. Drew’s Final Take: Final Thoughts & Recap Notes (55:37)
  9. Sign-Out: Standard Procedure + Pumping Our YouTube Tires (56:35)



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  1. Floyd is a grown man. He is the one responsible for what goes into his body. Are you saying if he were to walk into a restaurant where alcohol is being served that a member of the Vikings staff needs to be there holding his hand at all times? Be real! Regardless if the beverage is in the facility, or if someone suggested to him the health benefits, it was still Floyd’s decision to stay up all night, chugging tea, watching a movie. I find it hard to blame the Vikings for Floyd’s stupidity. There are a lot of people that drink this tea. It is a probiotic beverage that helps with digestion and myriad of other health benefits. The Vikings are aware of this. Why the h… should they eliminate something that is beneficial to their players. Come on, there is no way you can get drunk off of kombucha tea. The guy has a problem and needs to get help. Quit trying to put a twist on the story where the Vikings are at fault. He is lucky to have a third, forth or fifth chance in the league. He must be talented player for the Vikings to put up with this sh…!

    1. Hi guys –

      Floyd’s representation protects him, not the Vikings. The Vikes came clean as a proactive measure because they would have been thrown under the bus.

      It’s difficult to choose a surprise “starter” because so many slots are rotational. Jaleel might get lots of playing time, but actually starting might only be necessitated by injury to Datone or, even worse, Linval. Hodges taking Rudolph’s job would certainly be surprising, but accompanying him in a 2-TE set would not be.

      Robinson and Lamur are the leading candidates for the third LB slot. Your suggestion that darkhorse candidates Lee or Gedeon could secure this position has merit. But I would submit that Kentrell Brothers has a better chance and. as of today, would qualify as surprising.