About the Labor: Bradford Back [PODCAST]

Drew Mahowald and BJ Reidell present their instant analysis of the Vikings’ Week 16 shutout win over the Packers.

Episode 149 is proudly sponsored by BlackStack Brewing, SoCom Creative and Can Can Wonderland.


    1. Intro
    2. Taylor Heinicke: BJ talks about Taylor Heinicke for some reason
    3. Bradford’s Back: How Bradford’s possible return to practice should impact the Vikings
    4. Twitter Questions



Disclaimer: Video Recordings are unedited and may contain tasteful profanity on occasion


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Drew Mahowald

Drew Mahowald is the No. 1 Jim Kleinsasser fan and No. 1 Little Caesars pizza enthusiast on planet Earth. That about sums it up.

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3 years ago

Hey, I’m a Heinicke fan, so I’m tickled pink that B.J. decided to lead off the podcast discussing him. Hell, I’d still love to see Heinicke back with the Vikings next year! By the way, his passer rating is 108.3 per ProFootballReference.com. Unfortunately, Heinicke remains in concussion protocol, so the Texans have signed Josh Johnson to back up T.J. Yates this weekend.

3 years ago

No, Bradford should not replace Keenum right away, and yes, Keenum is back to playing up and down the last three weeks, but Bradford has to have some rust on him. I would tend to slot him in as the #2 behind Bridgewater. And Drew, even if Bradford was ready to go now, I’d start Keenum against Chicago but give snaps to both Bradford and Bridgeford if we had the game in the bag.

3 years ago

In answer to your first question from Twitter, Frank Clarke for the Cowboys in 1964 and Danny Abramowicz for the Saints in 1969 were First-Team All-Pros but not Pro Bowlers. First- vs. second-team is an important distinction to make, by the way. For instance, Jim Marshall was a four-time Second-Team All-Pro but never a first-teamer and made only two Pro Bowls. Packers guard Fuzzy Thurston was an All-Pro five times – First-Team twice, Second-Team thrice – but was never voted to the Pro Bowl at all (he had a great football face, check out his photos on-line). Also, keep in mind that the AP was not the only organization with All-Pro lists over the years; Thurston was named First-Team All-Pro by the AP, UPI, the New York Daily News and the Newspaper Ent. Association (Ent.?) and First-Team All-Conference by the Sporting News in 1961.

An Adobe file titled ALL-TIME NON PRO BOWL TEAM, written by Mike Sparrow and published in The Coffin Corner, Vol. 20, #1, 1998, accessible at http://www.profootballresearchers.org/archives/Website_Files/Coffin_Corner/20-01-730.pdf, pointed me in the direction of these players (well, not Marshall). There were a couple of other ex-Vikings among the players discussed by Mr. Sparrow: CB Nate Wright was an All-Conference All-Pro – 1st Team for Pro Football Weekly in 1974, 2nd Team for UPI in 1976 – and TE Bob Tucker (my favorite player ever) made four All-Pro teams for the Giants in 1972 – some all-league, some all-conference, and first- and second-team at both levels – caught more passes than any other tight end and all but two other players in the 1970’s, but never made the Pro Bowl.

I could swear there’s at least one Viking, or some other player of the hundreds whose ProFootballReference.com pages I’ve checked out over the years, who was named to one or more First-Team All-Pro lists but not to the Pro Bowl, but I can’t remember or find him right now at ProFootballReference.com, where I found all of the details above.