Floyd Fit, Depth Chart Ripple Effect & Retiring No. 84 [PODCAST]

BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald discuss the Minnesota Vikings’ free-agent signing of Michael Floyd, how he fits in Pat Shurmur’s offense and the ripple effect he has on the depth chart. Additionally, the guys discuss the No. 84 being retired and Minnesota handing it out still.

Episode 64 finishes up with the “Take 5” segment, ranking Rick Spielman’s free-agent signings.


  • Intro (0:00-1:06)
  • Michael Floyd: How he fits and the ripple effect his signing has on the WR depth chart (1:07-23:32)
  • No. 84: Is Minnesota disrespecting Randy Moss by continuing to hand out his number? (23:33-32:30)
  • Take 5: Rick Spielman’s Best Free-Agent Signings (32:31-41:00)
  • Sign-Out (41:01-42:36)


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BJ Reidell

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  1. I think we need to stop retiring numbers altogether. We have already retired 10 (Tarkenton), 53 (Tingelhoff), 70 (Marshall), 77 (Stringer), 80 (Carter) & 88 (Page). If you envision a bright future full of great Viking players you have to stop the madness somewhere or you will run out, literally. Moss didn’t even feel a strong connection to 84. If it weren’t for 88 already being retired, that would have been Moss’s # at this level, and how cool would that have been? 84 in Minny & S.F., 18 in Oakland (he made NO effort to get 84 despite it being something that could easily have been negotiated there at the time) and 81 in NE. Also, here’s something cool I just read: The Steelers have retired a total of 2 numbers EVER: 70 (Ernie Stautner) and 75 (Joe Greene) and that’s it. Imagine what the list would look like if they retired every # of every great Hall of Fame Steeler who played in the 70s alone? Not to mention Bettis, Woodson etc. They have other ways of honoring their greats and they do a good job of it. It’s not that I don’t think Moss is as good as some of the Vikings greats listed above or that he doesn’t deserve every honor the Vikings have to grant him, I do. Get homey up in the ring of honor post haste! I just hate retiring numbers. I like that guys like Hodges get into to the idea of living up to the past and honoring legacy numbers. I think that’s the most fun AND pragmatic way to treat roster numbers in the future. And don’t even get me going on 28. Just my take…