Sharrif Floyd’s Mysterious Situation Persists

Sharrif Floyd
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Like fans of Arrested Development that have been hopeful that the on-again, off-again rumors of a feature film will come to fruition, Vikings fans have been anxiously awaiting the career of Sharrif Floyd to really take off in a meaningful way.

After four seasons, Netflix the Vikings brought Floyd back for a fifth run and the eternal hope that offseasons breed has many of us looking for 2017 to be the year the stars align for the former first-round defensive tackle. The Vikings are surely hoping for those results, as well, as they are investing $6.757 million of cap space into the young man that appeared for part of Week One last year and then mysteriously sat on the bench prior to being placed on injured reserve about three months later.

Here is Floyd’s contract situation according to the fine folks at Over The Cap.

Mike Zimmer has publicly expressed frustration with Floyd’s persisting injury issues, which caused some to wonder if the Vikings would retain him this offseason, but now that Floyd’s salary has become guaranteed his social media account has the internet wondering just how productive he’ll be this coming season.

As pointed out by many across the internet, including our friends at Purple PTSD and Daily Norseman, the defender took to Instagram on Thursday to leave the world with an interesting message for his followers to ponder.


My ?? to the big guy #upabove we’ve been on this train ? for so long, you have blessed me in more why’s then I could’ve possibly imagine. For that I I’m truly thankful. You’ve been there when there was no one around, you’ve held me together when I thought I was at my edge, you’ve aloud me to play a game that kids dream about to this day. For that I continue to place my hands together ?? I come to you tonight that same kid in 2006, not moved by greed, not moved by negativity, not moved in bad behavior. I’m down on one knee praying my road doesn’t end here…. there are so many more lives to touch, so much more joy to spread. You’ve believed in me for to long to turn your back on me now. Don’t let me go out this way. All I ask is for a fighting chance… this game means so much to me and the foundation is still being laid one stone ? at a time. I’m hurting and I don’t know how to say it aloud, I am truly humbled in your grace. Grant me one last run, I promise I’ll lay my soul on the line. #humbleandhungry #215raisedme #begreat73 #savagelife #unlockthecage #notdoneyet #cametofartogiveup #watchmework #pleasedoubtme #level40training

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I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that Floyd did not just spend the week playing the new Zelda installment on a newly purchased Nintendo Switch, and that the “game” he is referring to is indeed football.

“He’s trying to get healthy. He’s got this thing with his leg. I don’t know if I should get too specific with it,” head coach Mike Zimmer recently commented on the situation. “We’re just waiting for it to get healthy and if that’s the case then I think he can have a good year.”

It would certainly not be an unreasonable leap to assume Floyd recently received some bad news about his recovery from a September knee surgery, given the tone of the post. If confidence is as important as many coaches and players often say that it is in the NFL, Zimmer and the Vikings might be best served to just let the guy talk openly about his injury setbacks, instead of putting secrecy above all else.

He pretty clearly wants the world to know he is fighting something with everything he’s got.

The Vikings signed free agent Datone Jones this month, who would likely be the next best option on the roster to take Floyd’s snaps, but the NFL Draft and more waves of free agency still present future options for further concreting the position if the team truly feels Floyd will not be ready for the season.