According to TMZ, Michael Floyd Tested Positive for Alcohol in June

Michael Floyd Tested Positive for Alcohol
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Michael Floyd’s tenure with the Minnesota Vikings could be short-lived. According to the celebrity news website TMZ, the veteran wide receiver tested positive for alcohol while under house arrest on June 11 and 12.

TMZ Sports reports Floyd’s alcohol monitoring system flagged authorities to five events, each of which was labeled as a “high alcohol test.” The news comes in the midst of what is supposed to be Floyd’s career redemption; the Minnesota native had seemingly put his December DUI in the past, signing a one-year, $1.5 million contract with his hometown Vikings last month.

Following the announcement in May, Floyd spoke to our own BJ Reidell about the opportunity ahead and the chance to start anew:

[quote_center]“Everybody makes mistakes. Obviously, there are a lot of people that doubt you, think you’re a bad guy; everyone has their own opinion. It’s really the people who actually know you and really know who you are [who matter].”[/quote_center]

Knowing his sensitive situation, the Vikings created a defacto support system for Floyd. Not only were former Notre Dame teammates Harrison Smith and Kyle Rudolph on the roster, but Rudolph welcomed Floyd into his home as a temporary house guest. “I couldn’t be in a better position right now,” Floyd said, per Tom Pelissero. “Especially being at home with family and friends and also having teammates on the team that I can lean on for anything.”

Floyd’s house arrest came on the heels of a February court hearing, one in which he pleaded guilty to extreme DUI and was sentenced to 120 days of jail time and monitoring at home. Before signing with the Vikings, Floyd spent the majority of his sentence in Arizona, training and preparing himself for an NFL comeback.

When the Vikings called, Floyd was able to transfer the remainder of his house arrest—which is set to expire tomorrow, June 17—to Minnesota. The wide receiver had made steady progress with the Vikings’ second-team offense, but this latest development jeopardizes his future with the team.

Tom Pelissero reports Floyd is set to appear in court on June 26th to explain “non-compliance” of high alcohol tests stemming from the June 11 incident. With Floyd’s place on the roster a looming question mark, second-year wide receiver Laquon Treadwell has the opportunity to cement his role with the Vikings’ first-team offense.

UPDATE: The Vikings released an official statement following the report from TMZ.