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Aaron Rodgers Suffers Broken Collarbone, Could Miss Rest Of Season

Aaron Rodgers Could Miss The Remainder Of The Season With A Broken Collarbone

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers left Sunday’s game against the Vikings due to a broken collarbone. Early reports suggest Rodgers may miss the rest of the season, depending on the severity of the injury and type of break.

On a second-quarter Packers drive, Rodgers released a pass while rolling out to his right. Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr, who was sprinting towards the quarterback, finished his tackle on with vigor. The effort resulted in Rodgers landing hard on his right (throwing) shoulder.

See the play via here.

After a brief visit to the medical tent, the perennial Pro-Bowler was carted off the field. Rodgers was declared questionable to return after he left for the locker room. The 33 year-old had some choice words for Barr before he left the field. There was no penalty called on the play.

Rodgers was 2 of 4 for 18 yards before he left with the injury. Brett Hundley replaced Rodgers after his departure. Hundley was a 5th-round pick by the Packers in 2015. The former UCLA Bruin was 3 of 11 for 17 yards with 1 interception and no touchdown in his NFL career entering the game.


  • According to the Packers, Rodgers officially has a broken collarbone. He could miss the rest of the season. Per Tomasson:

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Sean Borman

Sean Borman is a writer with Minnesota roots that's still somehow an optimist. He was an intern with the Vikings during college and previously wrote for Rant Sports. You can find Sean on the golf course and on Twitter @SeanBoarMan.

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  1. Hate to see that. Will never be happy about my competition getting injured. It’s a tough deal and Viking fans know it well. However.. I don’t feel sorry for them.
    Great win, Skol!

    1. “I don’t feel sorry for them.”

      Don’t worry, they are busy feeling sorry for themselves. Some Viking fans are dropping by Acme Packing Company to offer their condolences, and they are being verbally attacked by Packer fans. Are you sure you are not a Packer fan? Your general behavior would fit in a lot better over in Packer Nation.

      1. We just beat the packers and you’re attacking a fellow Viking fan? Be gone kano… spew your nonsense elsewhere.

        1. Harry… Mike Kano can’t help his petulance. In fact, I heard it from Ole who heard it from BJ who heard it from his Bigger Sister that Mike is ornery these days. His cat has run away and he feels the need to lash out.

    2. Agreed. It’s much more satisfying beating a healthy Rodgers, but it’s still a great win!

  2. It was still a good win for us although it would have been a huge test for our team to see how we did against and Aaron Rodgers led packers and I still think we would have won. It happened to us last year when teddy went down and man was that a hard day to be a vikes fan although I hate the packers never like to see any player to get hurt especially one of the best. Wish him a fast recovery

    1. The Vikings certainly looked like a confident team against the Packers. I agree, I think the game would have been a lot closer than most fans think had Rodgers not gotten hurt

  3. Does everyone else agree that was a clean hit I think it was good football and that’s what happens in football big hits and people get hurt sure hate to see injurys but it’s not touch football. Wonder how long until we here the Favre rumors

    1. Skol – It wasn’t malicious or even flagged. Injuries happen. Of course people will be upset because it’s Aaron Rodgers, but like you said it’s part of football. I’d be modestly surprised if the Packers don’t consider Kaepernick