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Vikings Draft: Dream & Nightmare Scenarios [VT Roundtable – Episode 6]

The Vikings Territory team (minus Sam Neumann) continues its NFL draft discussion on Episode 6 of the VT Roundtable with their best- and worst-case scenarios for the Minnesota Vikings.

Polarizing prospects such as Michigan State’s Malik McDowell and Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon are among primary talking points in a discussion that ranges from specificity to ambiguity with regard to how the panelists detail their dream and nightmare Vikings draft scenarios.

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  • The guys discuss their personal “nightmare” draft scenarios for the Vikings, ranging from pigeon-holing an offensive lineman at No. 48 to not grabbing an offensive lineman in the second or third round.
  • The guys discuss their personal “dream” draft scenarios for the Vikings, ranging from grabbing a falling stud such as McDowell to acquiring a handful of quality assets.
  • Throughout the show, the guys give their takes on a handful of scenarios raised by the exceptional AND dedicated VT Roundtable viewers on Twitter.

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BJ Reidell

Captain Content and Superior Half of About the Labor: A Minnesota Vikings Podcast. Human Flamethrower on Twitter @RobertReidell.

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  1. This is a great feature and this was a particularly fun show. Brett asked for specific reactions to help make the show better. I would only say that the strength of the Round Table is amount of people you are able to involve beyond a typical podcast because the visual nature of the thing helps the viewer keep everything straight. I think you guys can embrace that interactivity even more. The topics have been really solid and the different viewpoints come across well when everyone takes their turn, so I don’t think the format needs major tweaking. Just a general note that when there is a opportunity for debate, you guys should feel more free to really go at it. Conflict is what draws a viewer to any piece of drama. The same is true about this kind of sports entertainment. I’m not talking about fake Sharpe and Bayless kind of stuff. You should always stay your good natured selves. But know that it is fun for us to see the back and forth when it occurs naturally. Also: the elimination game is fun but I’m glad you don’t feel tied to it for every or even most episodes. Lastly: Austin’s mom should make an appearance EVERY episode.

  2. Warrian — We appreciate the feedback. We’ll look for some more topics that spark disagreement in the near-future. The idea here is to create something different from the general Vikings blog content and Brett has done a great job leading that effort.