Sam Bradford To Minnesota Vikings Via Trade

The Vikings have traded for for quarterback Sam Bradford, according to Tom Pelissero of USA Today.


We do not know the extent of the 2018 compensation yet, but the 2017 first rounder given away to obtain the services of Bradford is certainly a steep price to pay. Some might even call it “mortgaging the future,” which general manager Rick Spielman indicated he would not do earlier this week.

(UPDATE: The 2018 compensation is reportedly a fourth rounder.)


Time will tell just how great of a fit Bradford ends up being in Norv Turner’s scheme, but one has to wonder if the injury-prone Bradford will last long enough to keep Shaun Hill from eventually starting at quarterback in 2016.

We’ll have more updates and reactions throughout the day.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Well… Better than I thought but as much as we hate giving up a #1 this does give us a chance to compete this year. Just hope he’s more durable than he has been. He can sling the pig! Think he’ll do great in Norvs system. He & Shurmur have some history as well. Way to go Rick!!!! Skol Vikings!

  2. Are you f&&@#$g kidding me! This is absurd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This wants me to not watch this team now. THANKS RICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. wow. the money’s not bad and it ain’t ours. he just got paid a bonus in philly. hope it works out for what should be our late round 1st and a 4th

  4. Ok. Thoughts:
    1-still have lots of 2017 picks. Our roster is so young we don’t NEED a first rounder in the 20-30 range
    2-We’re ready to win now clearly. You don’t trade to send a message but one is being heard loud and clear.
    3-this means we don’t have to rush teddy back next year.
    4- AP has 1 maybe 2 years left on this team and you can’t waste that on someone.

    Do I wish it was less? Yes. Kind of insane when you’ve seen what other players can go for but still sensical

  5. 4 things factor into this trade
    1. Indicates teddy might not be ready for 2017
    2. We get Bradford for a low 7 million dollars this year
    3. Even before Bradford I thought we’d make post season, could only be giving up low 1st draft pick
    4. We already have deep roster and I could see us trading backing into the first round given we still have extra 3 & 4 round pick

  6. F**k that, a great big F**K….a 1at round pick for Bradford is way too much.
    Especially since Spielman said not more than 2 days ago that he wasn’t going to mortgage the Vikings future on a quick fix.
    I have to say Rick got robbed blind on this one.

    1. With the young and/or in their prime talent we have on this team, starting and on the bench, losing a single late first round pick and a fourth rounder will not mortgage our future. And as has been pointed out, those extra picks we already have in the 2017 draft could allow us to trade back into the late first round anyway.

      Breathe, bigdawg, breathe.

  7. So we get Sam Bradford because of a QB injury? Ironic.

    Honestly though, he’s better than anyone else that was being talked about and we’re young and talented enough to not miss the draft picks too much

  8. It’s apparently the 2017 #1 and a 2018 #4. Given that the #1 should be in the mid-20’s or lower (knock on wood), I don’t really have a problem with this. Tight ends coach Pat Shurmur has been Bradford’s offensive coordinator for three of his five seasons (0 games in 2014) in the league, on both the Rams and Eagles. He should have the best running game and the best defense of his career supporting him, and a receiving corps at least as good as last year’s in Philadelphia, and certainly better than anything the Rams ever gave him.

    As for the #1, barring injury of course, I was only looking at left tackle in the first round of next year’s draft, but with the way Clemmings and Sirles have played this pre-season, I’m less worried about either tackle slot than I was before.

  9. Ouch ! Speilman is going Clinton on us (lies, lies, lies!) . First, Bradford has never been that good of a QB even when he was healthy. As he just got done saying, we are not going to trade away our future for 7 months of service. I mean i could see trading a 3rd rounder for him and maybe a 6th in 2017, but a first rounder !!! We are going to need some explanation from Slick Rick on this one.

    1. Bradford was really good the last 5 games of last year. Look up the stats. He plays like the last 5 games of last year for the Vikings iit will be a great year.

      1. WTFVikesfan, after thinking this over a bit more, i like the move overall. On paper, there are + and – and risk/ rewards, but overall i think it is a positive. This whole week’s been a rollercoaster. It’s kind of like losing a girlfriend that is most popular in the class and that everyone likes. Then to lose that out of the blue only to be starring at a serviceable, but obviously one of the worst 32 women in the room (Hill) suddenly paying a small ransom for someone who is not as pretty as they think, but certainly can do the job (Bradford). I just think Zimmer and Speilman couldn’t fathom having this nice, new stadium and having to march out Hill for 16 games (if he would have last that long) . I like the fact that Speilman and Zimmer are stepping up to the plate and i think the players, especially the veterans, will step up in kind.

  10. Worst possible news. If true, then the Vikings think Teddy is done. Brittle Bradford is not worth a first round pick for one, and for two, you don’t use a first rounder on a guy who will be a backup next year. Please please please let this be a joke.

  11. I LOVE this move. It means they think the Vikings can win it all this year. Bradford played really good the last 5 games of last year. 1st round pick could be a high 20’s pick. Vikings still have 8 draft picks next year. The money is nice for this year. Doesn’t cost the Vikings that much. AD’s former teammate. It also probably means that Teddy has more damage to his knee. Bradford has never had receivers, tightends,and a running back like the Vikings have. i applaud the rick Spielman took. Go VIKINGS.

    Here is a comment from AD…………

    1. My thoughts exactly. I do think we gave up a little too much to get him, especially with his injury history, but he is a talented QB. There’s no way they’d make this trade if they weren’t expecting a championship run this year. It’s a gutsy move but I like it more and more the longer I think about it

  12. Pro Football FocusVerified account
    Teddy Bridgewater was pressured on 47% of dropbacks in ’15, most in NFL. New Viking Sam Bradford led NFL in adj. completion % vs. pressure

  13. As I looked at Sanchez Murray McCown, it was a downer, team is several yrs in assembing, clock ticking. NEW STADIUM factor also; franchise needed to keep Big Mo; AP college teamate, worked with Shumur; hv xtra picks from last yr, cld still get into first round; Teddy, we luv you, but uncertain recvry. So GIDDY UP! Im on board!

  14. First game I ever remember watching was Vikings /Chiefs Super Bowl. The next year they wouldn’t pay Kapp. We lost two years of one of the best defensive teams ever until they traded for Sir Francis. Yeah I’m all in. This team is built to win now. Mortgage the future? First rounder hardly does that and is a bit reactionary to think it.

  15. Bradford is a middle of the road QB. I understand something had to be done, had to get another QB. But…has he even been to the playoffs? Is he a winner?
    I’ve never been impressed with him. He is a 1st overall bust. No? Would anyone consider his career so far a success?

    1. Not to be morbid Cart, but if this non-contact injury for Teddy ends up being a career-ender, then he’s a worse bust than Bradford.

      1. Hey Tomb…If it’s a career-ender, then at least that would be why he was a bust. Bradford is because of his play.
        Unless he turns it around in Minnesota. Which is what I’m hoping for, but I wouldn’t put money on it.

        1. I think you’re getting way ahead of yourself, Teddy started showing SOME promise, but certainly has never shown himself to be considered great.

              1. Well, to be sure, those weren’t the exact words I used, but it was what I was going for there, with those words, that I used, up above.

              2. Well, from what I’ve seen Bradford isn’t very good. If Teddy never plays another snap, I’d take his 2 years over any of Sam’s two years.
                I’m not trying to be a hater…I’m a Purple homer from way back. I really hope I’m wrong here! But right now I believe this to be a very bad move.

  16. I like it. The more I think about it, the more I like it.

    Sure, the 1st round pick seems steep, but it’s fair market value this time of year. When you’re in the middle of the desert, and looking to buy a glass of water, it’s pretty much a seller’s market.

    If Sam can avoid the injury bug, he may be pretty damn good with the talent surrounding him. He has a better arm than Teddy, from what I’ve seen.

    I’m so damn glad we didn’t end up with butt fumble.

    1. I agree with you on this one Tomb.

      Consider the alternative, going with Hill all season and lose a bunch of games.

      Why would anyone lose their sh*t over an unknown draft pick?
      Dimitrius Underwood?
      Troy WIlliamson?
      Anyone else here besides Fran remember when Leo Hayden was drafted in the first round? He sucked

      John Randle wasn’t drafted. He’s one of the greatest players of all time.
      Jeff Dugan was a seventh round pick.

      Do all of you p*ssed off guys act the same way when your lotto numbers don’t match the winning ticket?

      geez, settle down for Jeff’s sake.

    2. I agree with you guys.For all those who are criticising Spielman,please put up an alternative scenario.Who would you bring in,and what would you give up to make it happen?

      Bradford wanted a trade after the draft and didn’t get it,he probably feels like this is his chance to prove Philly wrong and will have a chip on his shoulder.Zim likes guys with a chip on their shoulder and something to prove.Zim will get the best out of Bradford.

  17. While it’s always tough to give up
    A first round pick, I would hardly call it Morgaging the future. Bradford is by far a better player than any of the other options. Hopefully he can stay healthy..

  18. turrible, jus turrible

    now what am I gonna do with all of this dog food I bought on sale

  19. A couple things I’ve read elsewhere and tend to agree with:

    “Mortgaging the future” can mean trading quality players already on the team, not necessarily giving up a presumably low first-round draft pick. As for giving away their first-round draft pick, if they didn’t pick up a mid-range to high-quality QB this year, they were going to use that pick on a QB prospect next year, who would take at least a few years to pan out.

    They’re just getting a jump on things.

    1. “Mortgaging the Future” would be if SpeilMullen traded Zach Line for Bradford
      as JerkPepper would say “1,000 horribles and 2,000 terribles”

      1. Agreed. Who are SpielMullen and JerkPepper? Sorry but I’m new here……

        1. SpielMullen is Spielman…aka the Vikes GM, Rick Spielman. Jerkpepper …as I remember, is a former commenter on the old AV, Access Vikings on the Star Tribune. Horrible and terrible were his signature.
          Welcome to VT! There are a few of us from those times (the old AV) still hanging around…including the leader of this blog himself

  20. Necessary move. Still have ammo to move back into first. I’m sure this was best deal possible given the circumstances. People have to realize a first is overpaying because of the timing. Gives Teddy cushion to recover, and gives the team a chance. Good trade under the circumstances which have to be considered when evaluating the price.

  21. PS this says nothing about Teddys long term recovery projection. The odds of Bradford being healthy two full seasons are slim to none. He is the perfect interim QB for this circumstance, and not a “permanent” replacement for Teddy who is still qbotf. I take Sugarman at face value when he says full recovery expected, and i believe in TB will not be denied his purpose. This is in all likelihood Bradfords best and last chance to win it all, and he knows it. Surrounded by a great team, I think he will be dialed in and this was the best option.

  22. All these guys ripping the move offer no alternative they believed would have been better. This means they have none. If they were GM we would roll with Hill and a waived QB for back up. In no way a better scenario. Speilman rolled the dice but when he did he made sure we have a QB next year as well. Hill will be gone. Teddy I believe will be back but maybe not at the start of the season. When you are in charge you have to make a decision. When you are a fan you are afforded the luxury of casting stones with no solutions.