Report: Andre Smith Signs With Vikings

Former Bengals offensive tackle Andre Smith tweeted this morning that he has signed a one-year deal with the Minnesota Vikings. Smith, who was also meeting with the Arizona Cardinals, said in his tweet that the contract is a one year deal.

The Vikings hosted Smith for a visit this past Sunday but were not able to come to an agreement during his stay, leaving many wondering whether or not a deal would get done. Head coach Mike Zimmer knows Smith well from his time in Cincinnati and this signing is another example of his desire to add players he’s already familiar with from his time with the Bengals.

The Vikings have seemed to zero in on the offensive line as one of their primary focuses so far this offseason. Re-signing Mike Harris, bringing in offensive guard Alex Boone from the 49ers and the addition of Smith to the team make it clear the Vikings understand the importance of protecting Teddy Bridgewater.

Andre Smith, 29 years old, was drafted in the first round with the sixth pick in the 2009 draft. He has spent his entire NFL career to this point with the Bengals, the team that drafted him.

According to Ian Rapoport, Smith’s contract is for one year at $3.5 million with the ability to increase to $4.5 million through incentives.

It is expected Smith will battle with veteran tackle Phil Loadholt in training camp for the starting right tackle position.

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Brett Anderson

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  1. Yes !!!!!! Smith added to OL. Fantastic for US !!! Now , Widereceiver and Widereceiver in first two picks and we are all set !!! Here’s a thought ? Tenn. Is looking to trade the #1 pick ? How about trading Adrian and later found pick (s) ? Land a Treadwell at wr ? I’m just thinking ? Lol

  2. Are you crazy? Peterson is good for a couple more years. He just needs to learn how to catch short passes. Look what Walter Peyton did in Chicago. He was good well into his 30’s

    1. With all due respect, Mark, if AD hasn’t learned how to catch short passes by now, I doubt such a skill will be added to his arsenal anytime soon. I think the expression, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” applies here; indeed, Adrian may be a “one-trick pony.” That said, I do agree that he should be effective as a pure rusher for at least two more years.

  3. I think Peterson has a chance to have the best year of his career. This will be the best line he’s ever had infront of him and we all no how much damage he can do if he doesn’t get hit behind the line everyplay. Just need another target or 2 for teddy and that with our rocking defense we r set to make a run SKOOL to that

  4. this guy might not be much better than loadholt was at one time, but loadholt has been hurt and smith is what we needed. o-lineman aren’t nfl-ready out of college like they used to be, and they’re harder to coach up once they’re in the nfl due to the restrictions on practicing, so getting them through free agency is a good way to go

    to me, signing the two guys we’ve signed for the o-line says that the team is not only addressing the biggest problem on the team, but also that our window is open to win now

    1. The Vikings window is wide open….all they need now is a few playmakers thru the draft…. and developmental players to bring along when these 1 year deals are done next year.

  5. This is also a Business !!! If you traded A.P. you have millions in the bank. McKinnon can handle the R.B. position. And he’s a better pass catcher out of backfield. Which benefits Teddy and what the Vikes are trying to do on offense ? What I’m saying is True but understand why you wouldn’t like it. I believe A.P. has to go now , just my opinion. Move up in draft and Snag a RB. You now have someone on this team with youth and years . not 2 or 3 years left at such a high price !!! I still believe we should get a Treadwell and another WR. With first and second pick. Just throwing stuff out there. McKinnon at RB. Yeah I’m crazy I guess ? Lol we will see , though.

    1. The only problem is that they will not get anyone to take on Adrian’s contract, hence no trade. They would have to cut him and get nothing. I agree with Skool, Adrian behind a better line.. he did not appear to have lost a step last year in my opinion. A better line might just give him a legitimate chance at 1500 plus yards. McKinnon to spell him and Asiata as their power back. I would rather put my faith in Adrian running than Teddy passing. He has shown repeatedly how limited he is as he just cannot throw long accurately. Beef up the defense, try to find someone to push Kalil at LT is my opinion of the draft priority. I know many of you want to see a WR early, I just worry that there is not any worthy of a first round pick in this year’s draft.

  6. I really don’t see the value in this signing. Even if Loadholt’s health doesn’t hold up, we have his long-term replacement in hand WITH an entire year’s experience – and improvement – under his belt. Peterson gained tons of yards behind Harris and Clemmings on the right side, and with Fusco likely moving back to RG, it wasn’t that side of the line that still needed help. THE problem with the O-line is still and will remain left tackle. Kalil should have had a breakthrough season last year; it didn’t happen and I see little reason to think that it ever will, no matter who plays LG next to him. Personally, I think LT is a higher priority in the draft than wide receiver. If Trader Rick is going to move up in the first round, I hope he’s shopping for a new LT.

    1. I think Clemmings proved he is not a viable replacement even with a year under his belt. He was TERRIBLE last year, and Smith gives us that depth and competition. Cincy folks say when Smith is motivated (he should be this year considering ni team offer Jim more than 1 year prove it deal) he is an above average NFL RT. If Smith plays motivated this signing could be a steal for us, if he doesn’t I can’t believe he could be worse than Clemmings was. Given this is a one year and we have the cap space in nit sure what’s not to like about this signing.

      I suspect t we will still go OL this year, and for the next several years in the draft, but the moves they’ve made this far doesnt pigeon hole us into reaching for OL.