The Best Vikings Gifts for the Diehard Fan This Christmas

Vikings All I Want For Christmas
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

This time of the year always seems a little brighter, doesn’t it? People are generally more upbeat with one another, offering kind salutations and a smile to encountered strangers. Nature seems more beautiful, blanketed in the pristine snow of winter, making everything look clean and pure. It’s the time of the year where you can let loose and gorge yourself on anything and everything because “you’re just going to cover it all up with a jacket anyway!” This season offers us all the opportunity to let those around us know we care about them by bestowing upon them the most incredible, perfect, this-was-made-just-for-you gift.

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

Or, if you’re like me, it’s getting dark way too early because of stupid daylight savings time; everyone seems incredibly irritable, rushed and annoyed with one another and would more eagerly kick a puppy than say “hello;” there is no nature covered in clean, white snow because you live in the wasteland that is Las Vegas — what inspires the holiday spirit more than sin?; it’s impossible to hide that excess belly fat because, in addition to being a wasteland, it’s still seventy degrees outside, and the opportunity to let your friends and family know you love them is really just a crushing weight on your shoulders to make sure you buy them the most incredible gift — forcing you to brave the catastrophe of hordes of people in the same exact situation and spirit as you at the local shopping hub.

Who’s ready for the holidays?! (Okay, yeah – I can be kind of a Scrooge sometimes.)

Kidding aside, when all is said and done, I really do enjoy this season (I swear!). However, it seems like every year we find ourselves in the same situation where we’ve waited too long to try and find the perfect gift for our friends and family. And finding that perfect gift? A lot easier said than done.

So this week at Vikings Territory we wanted to try and lend a hand and use this iteration of Question of the Week to offer some options for the perfect Vikings Christmas presents. If something sounds interesting, go ahead and give the link a click. What’s that, nothing sounds interesting? Go ahead and click anyway. It is the season of giving and, full disclosure, VT  does get a little “present” if you find yourself purchasing things on Amazon after using the links below…

We also have a very special guest this week who is uniquely qualified to offer his input on this subject. Enjoy!

The Classic – Lindsey Young

Long before I started working for the Vikings, I followed the purple and gold closely. My Dad and I bonded over a love for football and a passion for the team, and I’ve been collecting Vikings memorabilia since I was in elementary school.

I’ve acquired quite a few pieces over the years that I’m especially fond of, including a number of jerseys, but one thing I never got that I always wanted growing up was a Randy Moss jersey. My first jersey ever was a purple Cris Carter jersey, and to this day that’s still one of my most treasured gifts. But I became a big Moss fan during that time as well and never ended up getting his jersey. I also really like the old school jersey design, so that factors into my decision as well.

The Safe Pick – Sam Neumann

I’m a big slipper guy—gotta have the feet warm and toasty at home. And my 2013 model Eddie Bauer house shoes have about been worn through, so anyone who truly loved me would know it’s time for a new pair. And why not make them Vikings slippers? That way, I can wear my team pride all winter, while only being reminded of my endless Vikings-related anguish when I look down. It’s a good reminder to keep your head up, and eyes on the prize.

The Caffeine Lover – Austin Belisle

Like Sam and his slippers, I’m a big coffee guy. It’s the one thing that gets me going in the morning, and as I told Brett earlier this week, it’s an instant way to improve my mood. With the Vikings being such a disappointment as of late, I’m in need of a little mood booster. And this set comes with two mugs — one for home and one for when I’m dragging myself to work bright and early. Even with the team’s sudden slide into mediocrity, I’m proud to show off my fandom. What better way to do that than with my favorite drink, coffee?

The Shameless Plug – BJ Reidell

Why even bother leaving your couch when you can purchase a one-of-a-kind Vikings Territory original while simultaneously reading our excellent content or listening to Andy dominate the audioverse.

Why Alaska? Why not Alaska?

Considering how little attention the United States pays what natives and bulk fisherman refer to as “The Arctic Paris”, the purchase of this 100 Percent Cotton tee is more-or-less is an opportunity for you — the tear shedding, purple bleeder that you are — to claim partial ownership (pretty much the same as Green Bay fans ownership of the Packers) of the 49th chunk of land admitted to the United States and potentially the most forgotten about location on the planet.

And just like that, Alaska is Vikings Territory.

The Family Pick – Adam Warwas

My kids are getting older, which means I get to enjoy my favorite things with them, and that obviously includes cheering on the Vikings every week. One of my other favorite things, however, is that they absolutely love what has become a nightly tradition of assigning bragging rights through hard fought games of Monopoly Jr. Naturally, they’ve begun to ask about the real version of Monopoly – and the Star Wars version of Monopoly – and just about every version of Monopoly that they see. So, why not combine two of the things this family loves most and make the NFL version of Monopoly the family gift that becomes a big hit? I know the Warwas family would love this addition to the many ways we show our football fandom all year round!

The Oddball Gift – Adam Patrick

Amazon is one of the best shopping sites in the world because you can find almost anything, including a shower curtain with Cordarrelle Patterson’s face plastered on it.

If someone is having a bad day or feeling down, all he or she has to do is walk into the bathroom and see Patterson’s giant grin light up the room. Instead of getting some boring striped shower curtain from the local Target, why not go for something a little flashier and order the one with Patterson’s mug on it?

This item is also Norv Turner-free, meaning it is one of the most versatile shower curtains money can buy out there today. There is no worry of it ever stiffening up and basically becoming useless.


The Gift of Song – Santa Claus

Like so many Vikings fans, I find December to be the time of year where hope and joy is most needed. I get tired of yelling ‘Ho Ho Holding again, Clemmings?’ at my 96 inch 4K. After last week’s end zone blunder, I’m sad to announce that my lead reindeer’s name will now and forever be Chad the Red Nosed Reindeer. Sorry, kids, adjust your song lyrics accordingly.

I want all the children of Minnesota to know that I’m bringing each one of them an Oculus, a PS4, and a military grade drone. Now you won’t find any of those things under your tree Christmas morning, but you’re Vikings fans so get used to disappointment.

Many of you might want some official Vikings gear. Maybe an authentic jersey or two. Well, too bad, and that includes you, Lindsey. Clearly putting the Vikings logo on your body this year means you’re destined to end up in the emergency room with some random and devastating injury, illness, or eye condition. Only a grinch would do that to you fine folks on my nice list.

But to answer that question… what does Santa want for Christmas? That one is easy and, very coincidentally, fits nicely into the cadence of one of my favorite holiday songs.

“On the first day of Christmas the Vikings gave to me:
12 blockers blocking
11 reapers reaping
10 wins this season
9 at a minimum
8 on his feet
7 points a drive
6 with a missed XP
4 Stays retired
3 Harrison Smiths
2 Teddy Gloves
And a Packer Losing Spreeeeeee”

(Editor’s Note: In case you haven’t seen them somewhere else, I thought now would be a great time to point out that we have some other really great t-shirts that would make great Christmas gifts for the hardcore Vikings fans out there. I’ve included some images of a few below but if you follow the link through to Amazon you can find more. Order soon though as the shipments take a week typically to make their way to you. Thanks everyone and have a great holiday!)

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