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A Little Weekend Fun

The offseason is a time for some serious discussions on multi-million dollar contracts, the character and integrity of numerous young men, and the metrics of a hundreds of new potential Vikings prospects. As some folks far more clever than I remind us on an annual basis, however, there is always time to have a little fun. That is especially true if it involves a little NFL Lip Reading.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I love these videos and have watched each one repeatedly.

If nothing else, here is a reminder to have a little bit of fun on this football-less Saturday.

2016 NFL Lip Reading

This year, the Vikings are well represented, partly thanks to it being a two-part series this time around. Mike Zimmer, Adrian Peterson, Teddy Bridgewater, and Harrison Smith all make appearances.


2015 NFL Lip Reading

The Vikings ambassador this year came in the form of a fan in the stands. If you are that lady, and you read VT, please email us! I think this appearance warrants a Fan Feature.


2014 NFL Lip Reading

Not much in the way of Vikings entertainment this year… which is fairly fitting. Still, these videos are fun to watch even if they’re void of our local favorites.


2013 NFL Lip Reading

The original that will always connect Adrian Peterson to “orange peanut” in my mind. I can’t tell you how many times “orange peanut” is uttered in my household every Sunday during football season, but it is plenty.


If you want to have a little extra fun on this Saturday afternoon, don’t forget to join us on FanTalk and enter yourself to win a sweet prize! We’re giving away three FREE T-Shirts from the mind of Matt Engstrom, which will be a nice addition to your Vikings wardrobe in advance of the 2016 regular season!

Adam Warwas

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