It Is DRAFT SEASON At Vikings Territory

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It is Draft Season at Vikings Territory!

Every year, even the lowliest of NFL franchises successfully sell their respective fan bases on the idea of renewed hope, and seldom are their sources of said hope more powerful than that brought about by the NFL Draft.

Here, in lands known as Vikings Territory, there is an unfamiliar feeling of existing hope and excitement. The Minnesota Vikings organization is not looking to build a new foundation with Mike Zimmer’s third season as head coach fast approaching, and this team will be looking to use the NFL Draft to increase their already high expectations for the 2016 season through the NFL Draft.

This year, we have partnered up with Draft Season to ensure that Vikings Territory is a premiere destination for Vikings fans looking for insight as to how Draft Weekend could play out this year.

For those unfamiliar, Draft Season is a fine mix of NFL Draft and Viking news and analysis that has been bringing high-quality coverage since 2001.  At Draft Season you will find anything and everything from full blown NFL Mock Drafts, player profiles, and exclusive player interviews. One thing you will notice at Draft Season is there is zero sugar coating, and you can look forward to getting those honest assessments right here at Vikings Territory between now and the 2016 NFL Draft.

One of the co-Owners of Draft Season, Matt Falk, is a faithful Vikings fan and has agreed to provide the Vikings Territory community with a comprehensive depiction of the Draft landscape between now and the first selection taking place.

You can expect to see a weekly batch of contributions in the form of scouting reports and player profiles that each come with a Vikings slant that you won’t get from most of the national sites analyzing the Draft. Draft Season will also be providing insights into their mock draft selections and other featured articles here at VT.

That isn’t to say our normal gang isn’t going to be all over Draft content of their own. They will. We hope to lean on Matt Falk and his team’s expertise, however, as often as possible to make sure you dominate the water cooler banter this offseason!

Please join me in welcoming the Draft Season crew to VT. Their first contributions are slated to appear very soon and you can follow the main contributors on Twitter: Matt Falk and Nik Edlund.

Check back soon for all the great Draft Season content and more.