NFL Draft 2016

Grade The Pick: The Vikings Seventh Selection Of Stephen Weatherly

The Vikings acquired pick number 227 via a sixth round trade with the Miami Dolphins and used it to make the selection of Stephen Weatherly a linebacker out of Vanderbilt.

At 6′ 4″ and 247 pounds, Weatherly joins the Vikings as yet another large-bodied pass rushing talent that can potentially carve out a role for himself in Mike Zimmer’s defense or on special teams.

Weatherly will present Zimmer with a versatile skill set, able to play with his hand in the grass or standing up, and potentially crack the rotation thanks to his athletic upside. In a lot of ways, this pick reminds me of Danielle Hunter a season ago in that there doesn’t seem to be much need, but he may produce some impact plays regardless.

At the absolute very least, the addition of Weatherly makes the training camp battle at linebacker that much more interesting (and it is already pretty interesting).

The Vikings are currently slated to make one more selection (244 overall) before the day is done. Keep checking back for updates as to how Rick Spielman opts to use that final pick.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Solid run defender and decent pass rusher according to Pro Football Focus. I wonder if he could be in the mix at defensive end, too.

    1. Or an edge rusher maybe. I was surprised that they did not go after some depth in the middle, but there is nothing wrong with numerous guys that can get after the qb.