NFL Draft 2016

Grade The Pick: The Vikings First Selection Is Laquon Treadwell

Wow! How was that for some real-time first round drama that led to the Vikings making their highest selection of 2016?

Receivers Will Fuller and Josh Doctson were selected in the two picks prior to the Vikings pick at 23rd overall, but Laquon Treadwell remained on the board. UCLA linebacker Myles Jack, an incredible talent, also fell to this point due to serious injury concerns.

Unsurprisingly to many, the Vikings ended up selecting Ole Miss wide out Laquon Treadwell who should provide quarterback Teddy Bridgewater with a nice, sizeable target to help improve an offense that lacked much passing potency in 2015.

Treadwell is 6′ 2″ and 210 pounds, has great film as a hands catcher, and is easily among one of the best blocking wide outs in this class. He joins a crowded wide receiver depth chart in Minnesota, but is a sure-handed possession receiver and red zone threat that will have no problem finding a sizable role within Norv Turner’s offense.

Give us your incredibly early and irresponsibly reactionary draft grade using the poll below!

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Edraft naiks it, average foot work, average route running, no straight line speed, lacks burst to create separation , and attitude concerns. I hate this pick, woukd have rather had Michael Thomas. F.

  2. I love the pick. We needed a receiver and I thought Treadwell and Doctson were close, giving Treadwell a slight edge. I wish he was faster but I don’t think it’ll be a problem in Turner’s offense

    1. I agree I think Stephon Diggs will be the guy to stretch the field now and Treadwell will be our guy to keep it moving on 3rd downs and an almost assure us we won’t have to settle for field goes once we’re in the red zone!

  3. Limited route tree, a check down specialist. Not what we need to open things up. Get ready for a whole bunch of two yard passes.

    Not understanding why most seem to approve this pick.

      1. The fact that the guy can block extremely well put him ahead of the other WR’s in the draft in my book. He’s a Viking now. Regardless of what any of us were hoping for let’s hope that he is successful. I can’t help but wonder who will be the odd man out now. It certainly won’t be Diggs. Thielen? The kid’s a tough sucker and a gamer, I hope not. Johnson? Out for a year but sure was looking like the real deal two seasons ago. Patterson? Hmmm I would have to think that Cordarelle better come to camp much improved or he will be gone. Unless they keep six.
        Hey Mag, what do you mean? I did not see anything in the red carpet interview or after he was picked that worried me. What did I miss? If he can catch the ball like Cris I think I will forgive him for being an a hole.

  4. I gave it a C. Too much talent at defense while they were on the clock and I think just as good WR’s that would have been available in the second round.

    1. That was my opinion also Kevin, and I gave it the same grade on the vote above. I agree with CC also. We have to trust Spielman and Co., they studied him a lot more than any of us. The last three drafts really have been pretty darn good. Kind of why I was hoping for Ragland in between the best of the last two. They hit pay dirt with Barr and Kendricks, would have been nice to see the LB corp improve even more.

  5. Although I really would have liked to see the Vikes improve their defense and was a bit excited that Ragland was still available and Myles Jack had dropped, really was hoping for Ragland and would not have been disappointed for Jack.. Nonetheless I am still hoping that Tread proves to be the cream of this year’s WR crop. His highlight reel was fairly impressive. He seemed to play faster than what is 40 time would suggest and made numerous really nice catches.. But… If any of you were watching ESPN you would have also seen the clips of a half dozen passes that were not on his pre draft highlight reel that he flat out dropped that hit him right in the hands. But still I am not so much against the pick as I am wishing that they would have taken a sure fire starting LB instead. On a lighter note, wasn’t his little girl adorable! I think that his having her there shows some good and positive character. I know that some will give/have negative things to say for having a child as old as her for only a 21 year old. But that is certainly not that unusual.

    1. Not unusual, cute little daughter for Laquon. Wish nothing but the best for our new Viking! I hope he breaks some team records…the good ones. Haven’t watched his highlights yet, most highlight reels are impressive. They’re highlights.
      Agree with you luv on the LB’s. I want Jack, Ragland would be good too.

      1. I hear you cc, maybe he breaks Moss’ rookie Viking records! Even then would prefer a stellar defense though. Although it would be hard to imagine, but maybe Jack will still be sitting there for round 2. Myles will be able to play next year as far as what I heard and read in the last two days. And it is an IF that he might require microfracture surgery in the next two or three years. So I would like it if they would take a chance on him if he does drop that far. Jaylen will likely drop farther as it is certain that he won’t be ready by the season opener and possibly not for next year at all. Read a statement from his surgeon about the nerve damage, it is not a total doom and gloom prognosis for him, but far from positive either. But if Smith is there in round four take him! I am hoping for a safety in round two. Perhaps I get my wish in the next round. Did you catch the film of Smith’s injury during the draft? Man!! No wonder he was injured so badly. It was not a cheap shot or a dirty hit, but the guy did block him (pushed him actually) in the back and the ball carrier was already on the ground, so a completely unnecessary push.
        Totally agree about the highlight reel statement. Only the best included. But they still have to have the ability to make great plays to even have a highlight reel. But I must admit I am concerned about all the easy catches that he dropped that were shown. Then again, for all I know the drops that were on ESPN were all that he had for the season.

  6. I think our defense will return with a chip on their shoulder because of the way it ended last season. Looks like our defense is right on scedule to be a top 10 defense this year. I think we did a great job of beefing up the offensive line through free agency and adding that sure handed big receiver in Treadwell. I think he will compliment Stephon Diggs well!

  7. Did anyone else notice in the video above, when they were playing LSU Danielle chased down Laquon? Now he gets to do it in practice everyday.

  8. Tread is the number 1 WR in the draft, and his going to be the game changer when we’re on the red zone. We’re going to hear a lot of (Bridgewater to Treadwell) this season. Lets Go!

  9. I can’t believe we still have fans that would like to see AP traded before he’s given a legitimate shot to see what he would do with a bonified passing game and solid offensive line. I think if our offensive line and receivers actually show up this season he could run for 2000 yards and we have a real realistic chance to compete for a super bowl this year. I’m hope and pray this is the year it all come together. I can’t help but wonder why is it taking so long to put these pieces in place before we really see what would happen if only he had a this or that before he retire.