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Links of the Week: The Age of the Rhino

The last time we checked in on the best Vikings links from around the web, the team’s roster looked very different. Since then, Minnesota has signed 16 free agents including 11 who played for the team last season.

With a majority of their free agent signings done with, the focus will now shift to what the Vikings will be doing heading into this spring’s NFL Draft. Have their new acquisitions done anything to change Minnesota’s priorities for the Draft?

  • Former Vikings wide receiver Mike Wallace signed with the Baltimore Ravens this past week and he had some interesting comments relating to his former quarterback in Minnesota.





  • March Madness is alive and well this weekend and Draft Season set up their own special Vikings related bracket in need of full reader participation.





Photo of the Week

  • Some of you may not recognize new Minnesota offensive lineman Andre Smith and for those who do not, this picture should help in remembering.

Podcast of the Week

  • Our friend Andy from the Purple FTW! podcast has joined forces with two others in Luke Inman and Arif Hasan to create a brand new Vikings related podcast.

Vikings Film Room

  • New Vikings offensive lineman Alex Boone is likely to become a fan favorite and this video should just help in fueling that fire.

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  1. Thanks for the write-up Adam. Man! it’s going to be a long time before my ‘Minds Eye” can un-see that picture of Andre Smith.

  2. The door is wide open for the 1st round….Elliot, Treadwell, Rankins, Ragland, Billings, Floyd, Coleman.