Links of the Week: Drill Season

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There were no pads put on this week, but Vikings fans did get to hear from their team’s head coach and general manager for the first time in almost two months. Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer gave the Minnesota media plenty of topics to explore this week after speaking to the press at the NFL Combine.

Zimmer and Spielman are also at the combine to do a job and find the best players to help their team in the near future. The Vikings and their staff finally get a chance to see potential draft selections up close and in person.



  • The transition from college to the NFL as been a struggle for many offensive linemen in the recent years. How does Rick Spielman believe this problem can be fixed?




  • When a projected top pick falls in the draft, somehow the Vikings seem to always be in position to scoop that player up and hand him a purple jersey.


  • Due to the implementation of analytics into how they scout a potential player, Minnesota has recently been able to find a few hidden gems when making their draft selections.




  • For your Moment of Zen this week, take a look back at how Jerick McKinnon caught everyone’s eye during his workouts at the 2014 NFL Combine…