Mike Zimmer On Teddy Bridgewater Injury: It is Possible This Is Season Ending

Today is a busy day at Winter Park and not in a good way. Upon the news breaking that Teddy Bridgewater suffered what seemed to be a major injury in practice, the Vikings also announced the release of respected veteran John Sullivan and a number of other players. Shortly after, at about 4:00 PM local time, head coach Mike Zimmer held a press conference on the Bridgewater injury situation.

The moment was a significant one as it will either mark the beginning of the end for a highly anticipated 2016 season, or define Zimmer’s ability to overcome adversity and rally his team to a successful outcome and Coach of the Year considerations. All of that depends, of course, on how this team weathers the storm.

“Today Teddy suffered a significant knee injury, we don’t know the extent of it yet,” Zimmer said upon getting in front of the media.

“Eric Sugarman will release all of the details of what he had done or what the injury was,” Zimmer elaborated.

“It was a non-contact thing, from what it looked like to me,” he confirmed. “It was a freaky deal.”

When asked if the injury was potentially season-ending, Zimmer simply told the press it is possible, and confirmed that it is not looking good.

“We’re not looking for excuses,” Zimmer said of the season ahead. “We’re going to go out and fight like we always do.”

[pull_quote_center]Everyone can count us out if they want, but I think that would be the wrong thing to do.[/pull_quote_center]

The situation has Vikings fans and analysts scrambling to suggest solutions, which has included names like Michael Vick, in what is an all-too-familiar thing to do when your franchise is absent of a franchise quarterback.

Zimmer expressed confidence in backup quarterback Shaun Hill, but there is little doubt that Rick Spielman would like to have a better option on the depth chart than that, and may indeed have to look outside the organization for a solution. The task will not be easy considering September is just two days away.

Here is hoping, however, that the absence is temporary in nature and that Bridgewater comes out of this whole ordeal with the abilities to lead this football team to greatness that many of us already thought he had.

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Adam Warwas

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      1. Kap has lost over 40 pounds of muscle. He has no strength left. He had 3 surgeries in the off season.

  1. This is such a horrible day. Especially after the rebound from last week and Teddy looking so good. Not good to hear he was sedated. My medical experience points towards a fracture or dislocation, or possibly both. Very sad, I hope he can return.

  2. This feeling right now is exactly how it felt with that missed chip shot FG last year. There goes the season. It’s always something when you’re a life long Vikings fan. FML

  3. Mark Rosen said that players where saying Teddy’s leg was going in a direction it isn’t suppose to go. This isn’t good. Teddy heal fast.

  4. This conjures up images of Dick Vermeil’s finest hour as a new Rams coach after Trent Green went down late in the preseason. Who could forget his “we will rally around Kurt Warner” speech. Our situation is eerily familiar, here’s hoping the results are the same. I can see why Patriots draft a QB bout every year.

  5. Disaster. I had never been so optimistic about the Vikings as I was this year (And looking forward to the next several years.) But, after being a Vikings fan since the very beginning, I am not surprised. Although I do not know the extent of the injury, I have bad feeling he will be lucky to make it back onto the field next season. I feel so bad for Teddy Bridgewater.

  6. Statement from Vikings Director of Sports Medicine and Head Athletic Trainer Eric Sugarman on Teddy Bridgewater:

    Teddy Bridgewater suffered a non-contact injury today at practice. The injury was quickly identified as a dislocated knee. The injury was stabilized, and he was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment and evaluation. After undergoing an MRI, it was determined that Teddy suffered a complete tear to his ACL and other structural damage. Fortunately, there appears to be no nerve or arterial damage. Surgical repair will be scheduled within the next few days. Although the recovery time will be significant, we expect Teddy to make a full recovery. I would like to thank all of the medical professionals and our athletic training staff for all of their help today. Teddy has already displayed the attitude needed to overcome this injury and attack his rehab.

  7. Wishing Teddy a speedy recovery, hopefully the guys can rally. What a hand to be dealt after getting through the third preseason game without anything major happening. Non-contact practice injury.

  8. Tough news, makes me sick. Good thing Zim is a tough coach. Like he said, ” we’re not going to hang our heads. Nobody’s gonna feel sorry for us.”

    We need the leaders of the team to be…leaders.

  9. I wonder how many wide receivers it would take to get Carson Wentz from the Eagles?

  10. Seems like the only realistic options are-
    TJ Yates. But he’s coming off a torn ACL back in December.
    Mike Glennon
    Josh McCown
    Mark Sanchez

    Yates? Don’t know if he’s ready. Maybe Glennon? That’s the only 2 I’d consider.
    Looks like we have no choice but to go with Hill, maybe one of those as his back-up.
    Heard Heinicke is 2 weeks ahead of schedule and may be practicing in 3 weeks.
    What a mess.
    “Hello…Brett! Hey, uh, this is Rick….”

    1. there is one other option CCarter

      He’s tanned. He’s rested. He’s ready. Put in the call……
      It’s Jeff Dugan Time!

    2. I’m thinking the same CC.I like the Glennon option but getting Tampa to part with him won’t be easy.
      Sanchez isn’t exactly the worst option,after all he did lead the Jets to playoff appearances with a team that ran the ball well and had a very good defence.Sound familiar?
      Also,the Vikes have just re signed Sorenson,but I expect that’s just to keep other teams from grabbing him until the front office has a chance to take stock and figure out the best approach to this situation.

    3. What a mess indeed. If it wasn’t for bad luck, and I mean REAL bad luck, there wouldn’t be the Minnesota Vikings. SKOL Teddy! Get well soon.