Charles Johnson Injury Revelation Makes Rebound Seem More Likely

One of the great mysteries of the Minnesota Vikings 2015 season was how wide receiver Charles Johnson so suddenly faded out of relevancy and why. Almost too predictably, a Charles Johnson injury is now the given reason for the lack of playing time and production.

According to ESPN‘s Ben Goessling, Johnson suffered a broken rib in Septembers game against San Diego while trying to come back for a ball that was ultimately picked off.  Johnson told Goessling that it wasn’t until the November 1st game against Chicago that he felt like he could manage the pain well enough to play effectively.

“You can’t sneeze, you can’t move, laughing hurts,” Johnson said. “But it’s all good now.”

Assuming this revelation is the true reason behind Johnson’s disappointing 2015 campaign, it is reasonable to wonder if his 2016 production could be closer to (or significantly exceed) his 2014 numbers where he caught 31 passes for 475 yards and two touchdowns.

The wide receiver has been, and almost certainly will continue to be, the most talked about position on the Vikings roster as the 2016 NFL Draft approaches. There are many opinions and evaluations flying around about a great many wide out prospects, but if the Vikings front office expects Johnson to rebound in 2016 then Rick Spielman perhaps has even more flexibility at the top of the Draft than any of us realize.

Johnson will almost certainly join Stefon Diggs and Jarius Wright as key components of the Vikings passing attack to return in 2016. If he is fully healthy and able to contribute at a dependable level, then that is just one more reason to have optimism about the upcoming season.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. It is surprising that this was not revealed last season.. I am wondering why this was never on any injury report. I was however wondering what could have been going on with him when he was just never on the field. I hope that he can pick up where he left off from the ’14 season, he was most definitely starting to show promise. I am thinking that he and Diggs could be a fairly decent tandem. Those two plus Jarius in the slot.. I am liking it!

  2. I think he was on the injury report initially but I don’t think they disclosed this for as long a period as he is stating he was injured. If that’s the case and the NFL ends up investigating the Vikings over this, making a public statement like he did is a real good way of putting himself into Zimmer’s dog house. That said, they are going to need either Johnson or Patterson to step up because even if they take Doctson or get in position for Treadwell, I’m not so sure either one of those guys is going be an opening day starter.

    1. Hey, if Zimmer and Co. sat on Johnson’s injury, they deserve reasonable and fair discipline, and if Johnson lands in Zimmer’s dog house, the union should file a grievance over it. The days of keeping injuries a secret should be over. Of course, all of the doctors and medical staff shouldn’t be employed directly by the teams; they should be selected either jointly by the league and the union or solely by the union to ensure that player safety comes first.

      1. Isn’t the injury report dependent on practicing and likelihood of playing in a game?

        In other words, Johnson could be practicing, and as demonstrated in the Chicago game, could play if necessary. Painfully? Very much so, but still could play.

        Also, Johnson may not have told the Vikings as much either for fear that it would cost him a roster spot. That’s another option.