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Vikings In Washington: A Fourth Consecutive Loss

A brief recap of what went down with the Vikings in Washington.

The Minnesota Vikings played the first quarter of football in Washington D.C. exatly like they’ve played during the last three losses. There were penalties, injuries, negative runs, poor pass protection, and a defense that looked uncharacteristically impotent.

This allowed Washington to jump to an earl 14-0 lead, but Mike Zimmer’s Vikings came to life in the second quarter, taking advantage of a turnover, playmaking wide outs, and a big tight end named Kyle Rudolph to regain the lead before halftime.

That score, however, was only 20-14 heading into halftime as the last play of the first half was a missed extra point by Blair Walsh, which had everyone appropriately anxious about how the second half might play out.

The Vikings first half turned around when Pat Shurmur and Sam Bradford started making the offense click, aided by a three-and-out series and a turnover from the defense. He targeted Stefon Diggs and Kyle Rudolph regularly, with Diggs accounting for 102 of Bradford’s 202 first half yards. The three touchdowns came from a Matt Asiata plunge at the goalline, a Kyle Rudolph sideline run after the catch, and a well-designed quick throw to Adam Thielen from three yards out with time expiring.

The third quarter featured many of the same issues, especially on defense, that the Vikings experienced in the first quarter. Luckily, they were able to hold Washington to a pair of field goals only which set up a tie ball game heading into the fourth quarter.

A 50 yard field goal ended up putting the Vikings down by three, but the Vikings got Stefon Diggs involved again on the following drive, where they were helped by a roughing the passer call to drive into enemy territory. Preston Smith shut those scoring hopes down by tipping and then intercepting a Sam Bradford pass near the line of scrimmage.

The drive that followed the turnover had the potential to end the Vikings hopes, but a redzone sack from Danielle Hunter caused Washington to trot out the field goal team to increase their lead to only six points. This setup a two and a half minute opportunity for Bradford and the Vikings offense with no timeouts at their disposal.

Stefon Diggs caught the first five passes of the final drive, with Washington playing in somewhat soft coverage, and the clock ticking. A completion to Thielen was followed by an incompletion to Jerick McKinnon, before Bradford went back to Diggs yet again, bringing the Vikings near the 21 yard line with under a minute remaining.

Bradford then inexplicably took a sack after holding the ball too long and a subsequent holding call (which was declined) on T.J. Clemmings left the Vikings with only a breath of hope. Play stopped as Jake Long was carted off the field with injury before the Vikings attempted a 4th and 17 do-or-die play.

And they died.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. What a collapse of a season. We knew our OL sucked but what the hell has happened to our defense? Can’t tackle, hardly any sacks the past 4 games, can’t stop the run to save our lives. WTF???? And now we have Kendricks dinged, Long finished, and Rhodes possible concussion. We are in HUGE trouble.

  2. Treadwell looks like a midlife crisis convertible, don’t really need, don’t really use, mobo a gimmick that should have been a FA, Brothers not vital, while Beavers may have been a whiff. GM Rick Spielman has some work to do, and if we don’t make playoffs, forget about a deep run, was Bradford’s price too high? Still think we should draft a QB every year a la NE, and high picks in the trenches like the Patriots do.

  3. Is Zimmer the guy who keeps running Asiata on 3rd or 4th and 1 up the middle? A two year old can see it is extremely uncreative, totally predictable, and destined to fail, yet somebody for weeks in a row keeps doing it, and its killing this team on offense. It has to stop now.

  4. This offense…last in the league. O-line is just plain terrible, changing coaches didn’t help. Gotta have some talent there. Yeah, injuries have taken the toll. Kalil, Smith, Loadholt…Shouldn’t have let Sully go. Pick up Long, he was just starting to play okay, now he’s gone. What to do? Pass it on almost every down….what else can you do? Can’t run the ball.
    Why the hell does Bradford take a sack on the 2nd & 10 with 30 seconds left? Chuck it out of the end zone! Dude looks like Ponder when he ducks his head with a collapsing pocket! Damn Teddy’s knee. I don’t care what anyone says, he’s way better than Bradford. Not even close. We could’ve been 5-4 with Hill! Dumb, dumb to give a 1st for Bradford.
    That being said, I still think this D is one of the best…and we’re gonna win this sucky division! On the strength of this defense. I don’t care if it’s 9-7.

  5. Alex Boone told Tony Sparano tonight he’s willing to move to left tackle if the Vikings want to consider that move after Jake Long’s Achilles injury. The Vikings will have to decide this week whether they want to move Boone or consider other options. Boone has played tackle before, and said after the game he’s “ready to roll” if the Vikings want him to play there. ————–
    Per Ben Goessling

    Why the hell not. Except, who plays left guard?

  6. we are the 2016 version of the 2015 Atlanta Falcons. Welcome to 8-8. For the most part the OL is getting better at pass protection, still well below avg. on run blocking but w Long out now…….I think Bradford may have an accident at home slipping out of the shower.