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The Pro Bowl Happened And Some Vikings Played

The much discussed (and minimally respected) Pro Bowl took place Sunday giving us our last glimpse of Vikings football until August. Five Vikings Pro Bowlers made an appearance in the game and here is a quick recap of what went down:


Peterson, the only Vikings to originally be voted into this Pro Bowl, got a few carries on the first drive of the game with mild success. His best play came on a catch and run the resulted in a first down inside the redzone which set up a Travis Kelce touchdown.

Peterson ended the day with four yards on five carries, three catches for 20 yards, and no fumbles.


Teddy Bridgewater got to play under much less strict circumstances than we see under Norv Turner during the regular season. Watching him run around a bit and just sort of chuck it was interesting enough to watch, but very little can be taken seriously from a results standpoint because of the nature of the Pro Bowl.

Bridgewater ended up going 6 of 8 for 129 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception.


Watching Harrison Smith play in the Pro Bowl is kind of like watching Quentin Tarantino direct an episode Blue’s Clues. There is just no way for him to display the things that make him great during the season.

Smith ended up with three tackles and an interception.


These two combined for five tackles but, much like Smith, just can’t do much in the exhibition match to jump up and down about. The hope here, however, is that this is the beginning of a long string of Pro Bowl appearances for these two defenders.

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Adam Warwas

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  1. Sorry you couldn’t attend the Pro Bowl, Adam. Here’s a first hand report.

    The weather was perfect for the annual human sacrifice of packer fans in Aloha Stadium parking lot. As usuall, we had many participants and victims. Those stupid packer fans wear that fake cheese hat wherever they go. This makes rounding up victims an easy task. The logistical challenge is having the correct amount of fire wood available. Thank Jeff for our hardcore Viking brethren coming through and assisting in doing God’s work by eradicating this plague that is infecting The Good Earth.

    The Haz Mat team is due in first thing to remove the ashes. Personally, I love the smell of burnt cheese curds in the morning. It smells like victory!