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NFL Players Vote Peterson as League’s Top Running Back

Last night on the NFL Network, the final 10 players in the NFL Top 100 Players of 2016 list were revealed. Featured in the list’s number five slot was none other than the Minnesota Vikings very own, running back Adrian Peterson.

Since its creation in 2010, this list of the NFL’s best has been voted on by the actual players themselves. With such a high ranking in this year’s countdown, it shows how much Peterson is still respected by his peers around the league.

Coming in at number five, Peterson finished with the highest ranking than any other running back in the league. The next highest ranked running back on this list is Todd Gurley of the Los Angeles Rams at number 22.

Interestingly enough, Gurley’s segment in the countdown actually starts off with Peterson commenting on how he sees a lot of his own traits in the young Rams running back.

Peterson has made the top 10 portion of the list in all but one year since 2010. Five times, he has ranked in the top five and he finished at the top of the list in 2013 after his monster 2012 season.

After leading the league in rushing last season for the third time in his career, the 31-year-old Peterson does not seem as though he will be slowing down anytime soon. For the Vikings sake, they hope that will remain true next season in their quest for a Super Bowl victory.

Minnesota’s all-time leading rusher says that he has been working harder than ever this offseason. Even making claims that he is currently in the best shape of his career.

If the Vikings can find a way to utilize Peterson’s strengths without making him the primary focus of their offense, the future could be bright for Minnesota in 2016. Who knows, maybe a new version of Peterson could lead to a ranking at the top of this countdown in 2017?

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Adam Patrick

Adam has been rooting for the Vikings ever since he saw Randall Cunningham win NFC Special Teams Player of the week in 1997. Since his career sports highlights include 3rd place at 5th Grade Golf Camp and catching a ball during a soccer game (he was not playing goalie), Adam turned to writing. He considers himself a 'Vikings Realist' as he does not shy away from criticizing the purple and gold if necessary. He will not always write about the popular topics, but his goal is to provide readers with content they cannot find anywhere else. Follow him on Twitter @Str8_Cash_Homey

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    1. Some do not have the capacity for forgiving him. He was trying to teach his son the importance of following rules, just too heavy handed with the punishment in the eyes of most. I personally thought the situation was over blown by the media. The same media that accuses black men of not being a father.. oh irony.

      1. So, we are back to discussing Peterson, and his felony abuse of his 4 year old child? It constantly amazes me how people will apologize for something like that, simply because they want him to carry a piece of leather up and down a strip of artificial grass.

        Peterson was turned into law enforcement officials by trained medical professionals. They are specifically trained to recognize the symptoms of child abuse.

        Peterson was indicted by a grand jury, based upon the evidence presented. That happened in Texas, which does not have a reputation as a “bleeding heart” state. Peterson eventually pleaded “No contest” to a reduced charge. A reduced charge is standard procedure in this country for first time offenders.

        Peterson did not try to clear his name, because the factual evidence was overwhelming. I could post the photographic evidence if I chose to do so. There is probably no need, as most of the internet has already seen those photos.

        Peterson wasn’t even enough of a man to admit his guilt.

        Only people completely devoid of character apologize for Peterson. If you have a family, they have my condolences.

        1. you ever been to the deep south? very different culture than up north. whippings are a common practice down there, and done by lots of grandmas. you gonna jail all of them? doesn’t make it right, but i’d guess that this goes on pretty much every day there. they are probably afraid if their kids get out of line, they’ll get lynched, so they take extreme measures

          what AD did is very wrong, but if you suffered abuse yourself and this is personal for you, you’ll never get those issues resolved here or with displaced anger towards AD. find a group and just sit in and listen, talk if you feel like it. it’s a grieving process. no pain, no gain

          1. “if you suffered abuse yourself and this is personal for you”

            Well, that was an amusing passive, aggressive response. No, I have never suffered abuse. I can understand why you said it though. After all, directly apologizing for a child abuser is a tough sell, even while you are posturing as an internet tough guy.

            It is a lot easier to try to attack the person who simply pointed out the facts of Peterson’s case. The fact that you might have directed it at someone who did experience abuse highlights the extreme levels of arrogance you possess, as well as your callous disregard for the welfare of your fellow human beings.

            At the same time, I can imagine you being proud of yourself for your conduct. After all, the lowest common denominator often fail to realize that they are the lowest common denominator. Consider this your official notification.

            1. dammit, i’ve been revealed! passive aggressive callous prideful arrogant lowest common denominator internet tough guy. i hate when that happens. man, you nailed it. i’m guess i’m lucky you didn’t get all judgemental on me

              i’ve asked you straight-out before if you’d been abused and you didn’t answer. in so many posts you keep getting on AD’s case for this and won’t leave it alone, so it seems like you’ve got an axe to grind here, and people usually only act that way when they’ve got something personal involved, so it made sense to ask to get it out in the open. who knows, maybe you could’ve gotten some help out of it. idk, maybe it was a sibling or your mother or something else. it certainly wasn’t an attack on you or to justify an apology for AD. i’ve never apologized for what he did. again, AD was VERY WRONG the way he punished that little boy, i’ve said that many times, but you’re not just simply pointing out the facts, you’re repeatably grinding at this

              to be very clear, i don’t condone what AD did. i’m glad he got punished, i’m sure there is some honest regret from him, i’m sure he learned something valuable as a parent from it, and i’m glad he is continuing being a father to his son. i see AD as not being real bright, but he’s not a bad guy. he went too far doing a thing that is culturally acceptable where he’s from. like everybody, i’ve made mistakes and have regrets, and i’ve also suffered. ya gotta get past it. nobody is perfect. for what it’s worth, i forgive AD and i’m glad he’s on our team. i don’t think of him as a felon or a habitual child abuser

              mike, the truth is, i’ve got my own crap, i’m sick of seeing your crap. if you have never suffered abuse, or otherwise have no skin in the game, i don’t know what your motivation is in this continual grinding on AD. he’s a kick ass running back and he’s a viking. he’s ours, just move on and stfu about this

              1. Well put Cal, Mike doesn’t seem to wish to even consider the point that others try to make about Adrian. I did include in my first post that his punishment was out of line. Mike doesn’t see that so I pointed it out, albeit that I did not say it directly. So he takes another tack. Condolences for my family? FU Mike! And yes, if this were a child abuse case for any other than someone famous it would not have made national news at all. I will point out again, he was trying to teach his son a lesson in an era where black men are being trashed for not being a parent. This is no different than the mom that made the news lately for punishing her older children for criminal behavior. Obviously whipping a child’s bare skin and leaving welts is totally and completely wrong. I have never said “no big deal, let him play football”. I said what he did was wrong but he deserves to be forgiven. And no Mike he could not just profess his guilt once it became a legal matter, I am sure that his attorneys told him to say nothing. This is SOP. The only arrogance or aggressiveness is coming from you, not from Cal or I or anyone else.

                1. Well, I come back a few days later, and I see that I really fired you boys up! There nothing like pointing out the factual evidence of the case against Peterson to get the deniers all whipped into a frenzy.

                  “Some do not have the capacity for forgiving him.”

                  As you can see, it was you who seemed incapable of letting this subject go. I am not the one who chose to raise this topic again, you did. Did you really believe that you could attempt to rationalize away Peterson’s heinous conduct, and that no would respond to call you to account?

                  Your conduct is not unusual. We live in a world filled with Holocaust deniers. There is well documented factual evidence to support that incident as well. Like you with Peterson, there is always some low life who attempts to rationalize away the Holocaust.

                  “he was trying to teach his son a lesson”

                  You cannot even go one comment without reverting to your implicit agenda. If you wanted to rationalize away the Holocaust, you would be claiming how terrible it was, but then start sneaking in lines like “Hitler was trying to teach the Jews a lesson!” Did you even bother to read and reflect upon what you write?

                  “And no Mike he could not just profess his guilt once it became a legal matter”

                  There is actually a part of the judicial process just for this activity. It is called “the plea”. Peterson certainly entered a plea. It was “No Contest”, which roughly translates to “The evidence against me is overwhelming. If I tried to officially deny it in court, I would get exposed for the liar that I am. I can’t admit the truth, so I’ll just do the absolute minimum to get this over with.”

                  So much for Peterson’s supposed moral superiority due to his belief in some god.

                  Really, you just plead “No contest” at some point. The facts are against you, and you lack the intellect to successfully make an argument against me, even if the evidence was equally weighted to both sides.

                  Your family still has my condolences.

              2. Had to give you a like on this one Cal. I had to remind CC on this a while back so if you don’t feed the trolls they will go away.

                  1. Good advice cc and johnny. I have always respected your posts, agree or disagree, I will lend credence to your advice.. As difficult as it is to ignore MK’s never ending holier than thou tirades.

                  2. This was definitely a good choice on your part. Duck and cover. I would have schooled you as well, and I have seen how poorly you respond to that.

          2. Well said Cal, and thanks for referring to him as ‘AD’. Still can’t believe AD didn’t fight harder to have his true nickname prevail but I guess it was just too much work trying to straighten out all the uneducated people who constantly referred to him as ‘AP’.
            Pretty confusing now; “Wow the Associated Press just ran for an 88 yard TD!!”

            And yeah, AD went way too far with his boy but that was the culture he was raised in. Pretty sure he won’t be repeating that type of behavior.

        2. Mike, only people devoid of character lack the ability to forgive. You seem to be missing my point. In a round about way, I said what he did was wrong. His punishment method was over board. Point being, he WAS trying to teach his son a lesson. Yes I have a family. No, I have never struck any of my children.They don’t need condolences from anyone. I don’t even strike my pets for that matter. I don’t forgive Adrian because he is one of the best RB’s to play the game, I forgive his actions one time because I am a father, and I am a son that got my dad’s belt when I misbehaved, albeit clothed, so I know what is motivates the intent. If you lack the ability to forgive perhaps the condolences should be directed at you and yours.

          1. “just too heavy handed with the punishment in the eyes of most. I personally thought the situation was over blown by the media”

            So, you believe that the felony child abuse was “over blown by the media”. That is certainly an interesting way to make the point that “In a round about way, I said what he did was wrong”. What kind of response would be appropriate for felonious conduct?

            You should consider trying out for the Vikings as a defensive back. Zimmer would appreciate that back pedal.

            Forgiveness is only given when the person is question is sorry for what he did. Peterson is not sorry for what he did. He is only sorry that he was caught, lost the ability to play for a while, and lost endorsements.

            He still believes that he was in the right, and that the Vikings failed to stand behind him properly. He admitted as much in a Sports Illustrated article published in January of this year. It is not clear what would have constituted adequate support from the Vikings. Perhaps if they had published a full page ad in the Strib, maintaining Peterson’s right to feloniously abuse his children at his leisure, that would have been adequate.

            Peterson apologized once to the public, when Goodell made it clear that he was required to do so if he ever wanted to play again. Peterson mouthed the words, but his subsequent actions make it clear he did not believe them. Lying about being sorry is not going to earn the forgiveness of a lot of people.