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2017 Schedule Begins To Take Shape

The 2017 Vikings Opponents Are Now Set

The 2016 Minnesota Vikings are currently in shambles. That’s the bad news. The good news, however, is that they now have eight months to reconstruct themselves, heal their wounds, and hopefully come back much stronger and much improved.

With only one meaningless game of NFC North football left to play, we are slowly averting our gaze towards next season, and one thing we do know is the slate of opponents set to face off against our Vikings next year.

They will host games against the Los Angeles Rams, the New Orleans Saints, the Tampa Bay Bucs, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Cincinnati Bengals. They will visit the Washington Redskins, the Atlanta Falcons, the Carolina Panthers, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and are designated as the “away” team when they go to London to battle the Cleveland Browns.

Of course, all of these matchups are in addition to their six divisional games.

Naturally, it is far too early to even try and speculate how difficult and/or easy these matchups are, but we’ll have plenty of speculation in the coming months as these the league-wide rosters start to take shape, and we’ll be sure to update you all when the schedule itself starts to come together.

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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Good to see you back Adam and hope your move went well. Yep, me too; I’m looking for us to come back next year stronger and improved. I just wished I hadn’t been said the same thing, EVERY year since 1961.

    1. Thanks, Fran! I’m still in transit (i.e. homeless) for the next month, but it’ll all pan out in the end. I should (fingers crossed) be back to the VT-norm now though… looking forward to making up for my absence. Hope you’re doing well up there!

      1. Good to hear and look forward to your stuff (Good luck with that, writing about the Minnesota Vikings and all. . . ) Probably won’t matter much what you write for the next 6 months as far as guys like “Nuna” commenting, ha!

  2. The Day The Vikings Win Games in the Clutch will be the day they win a Super bowl. Problem is The Vikings are a Team that reflects it’s past ever since The Cowboys beat them on the last play in Bloomington, MN with that Hail Mary Syndrome when they Lost to Dallas long Time ago.

    I Wish the Vikings could be that Team that wins games the way Montana Beat Dallas with “The Catch” But the Vikings don’t know how to do that Which is too bad. The Vikings will always be just an average team. They don’t know how to Beat Elite Teams like New England, Hell they can’t beat Washington Redskins, Dallas, or Philly all beatable teams The Vikings are a big disappointment to say the least. Hell The State of Minnesota are nothing but LOSERS, From University of Minnesota in all sports, to the Losing T-Wolves, the Wild in Hockey, Twins except for 87 & 91 all Losers I no longer expect my State of Minnesota to ever be champions their all LOSERS.

      1. To the Editor:

        “Tripe” as a criticism generally refers to someTHING, not someONE, and luvvikings’ use of it conformed to that general usage in criticizing Nuna Business’ comment, not Nuna’s person or personal attributes. Luvviking was therefore being critical but civil and was not engaging in a personal attack.

        1. Thank you for defining tripe though I already know what the word means.

          The portion of the comment was removed during the edit – it had nothing to do with tripe.

          1. I apologize, not to Nuna and his ridiculous cry baby post, but to author Brett and to all of the other posters (true fans like cka, thanks for the defense brother, but what was edited out WAS a shot across Nuna’s bow) here that know the difference between losing with grace and being humble when winning. I view that has good sportsmanship. His post has nothing to do with good sportsmanship or acting maturely towards disappointment. Kind of like the little kid that gets a pile of presents, but not the one thing really wanted, so rather than be grateful for what they received that most don’t even have, it is tantrum time for what they didn’t. There are not too many markets, and none as small as MPLS/St Paul, that have a professional franchise in EVERY major sport. Be grateful for what we have Nuna.

                1. Thanks again for the LOL Ole! Although I must admit that I am a bit disappointed that you didn’t somehow find inclusion for Zack. I was thinking of you a few games back, Zack was singled out by the broadcasters of the game for making the key block on a big return by CP. I thought he deserved the game ball for the play… Happy New Year!

                2. Thanks Ole! I’ve been thinking about mixing it up and doing something new on my next visit to the barber. Any suggestions?

  3. The University of Minnesota HAS NEVER WON AN NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP
    The University of Minnesota HAS Chocked in Hockey a few years ago.
    The University of Minnesota Has won NIT but never the NCAA Championship close but they choked.
    Lakers Move to L.A. after having 5 NBA Championships Now we have a Buch of Losers in the T-Wolves with Stars as they watch others move past them while they continue to Lose.
    Lynx win Championships but also lose them like this year. (Ya I know what happened bad call.)

    Twins constantly with 90+ Loses a year

    Vikings of old lose 4 Super bowls because their secondary choked like when they lost to Dallas, or lost to Atlanta Thanks to Gary Anderson’s Missed FG when they were 15-1 and of course Good ol’ Matt Blair Chokes again with another Missed FG against Seattle. I am sick of a team that Chokes in the Clutch.

    Now the 49ers come back against Dallas with “The Catch” and Win

    *EDITED – Our commenting policy does not permit personal attacks. Thanks*

    1. Adam, I don’t think it would hurt anyones feelings here on VT if you got rid of Nuna and his anti Vikings rants. Obviously he’s a Packers fan or something. Dump his ass.

    2. Wait, who exactly did Nuna Business personally attack, aside from confusing a 66-year old retired linebacker with a 26-year old recently waived placekicker?

      1. He’s a troll. Here’s who he attacked;
        He said; “The Vikings will always be just an average team. They don’t know how to Beat Elite Teams like New England” He’s a troll.

  4. Let’s move on shall we? Release or rework #28, draft all OL & hope to hit on two or three, maybe a FA, need better corner opposite Rhodes, Tre Waynes, fast not quick, (-can he switch to safety?) not the answer. Clean up the receiver position, Add some attitude and QB wise. . .all we are sayyying, is give Sam a chance

  5. One other word to Nana Business

    The Minnesota Gophers have won 7 NCAA Football Championships
    Now I know you are really Mike Kano in disguise. FYI – Seven is greater than zero

    …… Mike was always really bad at math

    1. Hello Mr. or Ms. Editor!

      You might want to review the comments of Big Johnny’s Bigger Sister in light of this site’s personal attacks policy. I’ve crossed swords with Mike Kano myself more than once, but BJBS’ comments regarding him are prurient, offensive and absolutely personal.

  6. One never averts one’s eyes or gaze to or towards something but only away from something. You probably should have used “shifting” instead of “averting” above.