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Vikings Resign Offensive Lineman Mike Harris

The Vikings have had a busy day in free agency, including bringing back 2015’s starting right guard Mike Harris to a one year deal. After adding notable free agent, Alex Boone to the roster, the Vikings retained Harris in hopes of bolstering their offensive line depth.

It has been reported that Harris’ deal will max out at $3M for 2016 and he will compete at both right guard and tackle.

Harris, 27, joined the Vikings in 2014 after spending 2012 – 2013 with the San Diego Chargers.

I suspect the Vikings will continue to look for ways to get better upfront, noting the consistent pressure quarterback Teddy Bridgewater faced in 2015.

Harris wasn’t out of this world good in 2015, but he was the least of the Vikings problems and retaining him makes a lot of sense to have some consistency across the offensive line. Additionally, Harris’ versatility is appealing knowing TJ Clemmings struggled at times as a rookie and longtime right tackle Phil Loadholt is coming off a serious injury.

Continue to check in as we update Vikings Territory with more free agency news.

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Brent LaBathe

Brent LaBathe (Contributor) Cloud technology leader by day, sports nut by night, Brent is a local purple diehard who's passion for the team boarders on obsession. After graduating from St. Cloud State in 2008, he was a contributing writer for and has always had a passion for writing. When he's not cursing his golf clubs for failing him yet again, he's constantly on twitter @BrentLaBathe.

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  1. As a fan, it’s always great to see a valued player agree to sign a team-friendly contract and state for the record that he’s betting on himself to produce. That’s a win-win using any calculation. SKOL!

    1. That’s a fact Andrew. Harris was rated higher than Boone. Who knows what might happen leading to the start of the regular season, but I am more happy about retaining Harris than I am about adding Boone. With Fusco’s big salary maybe he will be the odd man out, but maybe they are looking at having solid but not top 10 starters with very good depth.

  2. Fusco has a $4.05 million cap hit for the 2016 season, with $2.4 million in dead money. That makes it likely that he will be on the Vikings this season.

    However, I think this may amount to a “prove it” year for Fusco. In 2017, his cap hit escalates to $4.8 million with just $1.6 million in dead money. That 3:1 ratio makes for an inviting cost cutting measure if Fusco fails to play up to his contract.

    Frankly, I think that Harris is a better guard than Fusco, and that Harris will either be the week 1 starter or will supplant Fusco at some point in the season. That sets up Harris for a multi-year contract next off season, with Fusco restructuring or getting cut. You can be sure that both the Vikings and Harris’ agent are thinking that far ahead.