Danielle’s Game Day Dish: Week 4

Written by Adam’s wife Danielle.

Another win! Our men are on a roll, let’s keep it going!

It was a nerve-racking start to last weeks game, being down 10 points in the first quarter, but thankfully our men know how to pull through. We are clearly a team to watch out for because we are doing fabulous.

Further proof of how great we are doing? Once again we have a player who was named the NFC’s Defensive Player of the Week. Great job, Everson! Your tackles and sacks are what we need to continue to see in order to proceed with an amazing season.

This is the best our team has done since 2009. That year, we made it to the NFC Championship game and I know that we can surpass that game and go straight to the Super Bowl.

As we all know, the Vikings are playing the Giants. We also know that there are a ton of great foods New York is known for which brings us to this weeks dish: Balsamic Seasoned Steak (made with a New York Strip, of course).

When I think of tailgating, I often equate it with grilling. I also want to make sure everyone has another reason to use their grill before the snow comes. These steaks will be great for tailgating because of how easy they are to make.

I know some people have a thing against steak sauce but when combined with balsamic vinegar and used as a marinade, it takes this steak right into the end zone for a heavenly, flavorful touchdown! It’s topped with some fresh mozzarella which brings this to the next level. Let’s show everyone at the tailgating party how sophisticated Vikings fans can be (we know that there is more to tailgating then throwing ourselves through tables).

Let me know what you think about the steak in the comments below. Even though it seems like it may be fancy, it is truly an easy dish to make. Don’t forget to check out my husband, Adam on twitter (@Str8_Cash_Homey) for all the Vikings news you need and check out some of my other game day dishes right here on Vikings Territory!


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Balsamic Seasoned Steak

  • 6 New York strip steaks
  • 1/3 cup steak sauce
    • You can use your favorite, but we used A1
  • 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
  • Fresh mozzarella
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Basil for garnishing
  • Heat your grill on high;
  • Whisk the steak sauce, balsamic vinegar, and garlic powder together in a small bowl;


  • Salt and pepper your steak;
  • Brush both sides of your steak with the marinade;
  • Place your steaks on the grill;


  • Just before your steaks are finished cooking, brush more of the marinade on both sides;
  • Place your fresh mozzarella on top of your steaks;


  • Finish cooking the steaks;


  • Top the steaks with some basil, serve with a side and be the best tailgaters the Vikings have ever seen!


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Adam Patrick

Adam has been rooting for the Vikings ever since he saw Randall Cunningham win NFC Special Teams Player of the week in 1997. Since his career sports highlights include 3rd place at 5th Grade Golf Camp and catching a ball during a soccer game (he was not playing goalie), Adam turned to writing. He considers himself a 'Vikings Realist' as he does not shy away from criticizing the purple and gold if necessary. He will not always write about the popular topics, but his goal is to provide readers with content they cannot find anywhere else. Follow him on Twitter @Str8_Cash_Homey

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  1. That looks great Danielle! Steak is my favorite food.
    Adam or Brett, something very wrong with the comment section. Not posting for many hours after.

    1. CC, thanks for the heads up. Let me know if this problem persists – I’m working to get it fixed.


    2. Thank you! I hope you try it out, it is so simple yet so delicious….. I’m dreaming of it again but with a loaded baked potato on the side 🙂