The #MoreThanWords Campaign Is Now Official (Well, Now We Have Shirts At Least)

MTW T-Shirt Mockup 001With just over a month remaining until the 2016 #MoreThanWords campaign concludes, it is clear that the overwhelming response from you Vikings fans (and the elite level of support from Fan HQ) will allow us to crush our $10,000 fundraising goal benefiting The Mike Zimmer Foundation.

The collective group of online Vikings communities is not content to sit back and coast our way to success, however, and everybody is searching for ways to get us as far past that goal as we possibly can.

Today’s update includes an option many of you might find very appealing… especially those of you that can’t help but wear your Vikings pride on your sleeve.

MTW T-Shirt Mock-upVikings Territory is proud to present custom “More Than Words” T-Shirts available for purchase through Amazon at a very reasonable price. These shirts will be available between now and the the August 9th fundraising deadline with 100% of the profits going directly to the #MoreThanWords campaign.

The shirts are available in two tiers of quality and you’ll have the ability to choose from multiple colors and sizes prior to finalizing your purchase.

There are two main options available:

Here is the $21.99 version.

Here is the $19.99 version.

If the shirts aren’t your thing, but you would still like to contribute to this awesome cause showing Mike Zimmer he has the best fan base on the planet behind him, please consider donating here and making yourself eligible for one of the awesome prizes that we’re so very eager to give away.

[Please note: Yes, there are Vikings Territory shirts available through our Amazon profile. The #MoreThanWords styles are the only ones that benefit the fundraiser at this time, however.]

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Adam Warwas

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