Daniel House Discusses Family, Loss, & Charity With Mike Zimmer


The #MoreThanWords campaign is 80% of the way to the $10,000 goal established at the onset and that is awesome! Even more awesome is the level of participation we are getting from The Mike Zimmer Foundation, including Corri and Mike  Zimmer themselves.

Their willingness to connect with the fan base has resulted in some awesome giveaway prizes (tickets and autographs!), an up close and personal autograph event at Fan HQ (a few tickets still available), and now a sit-down interview with one of our participating sites in which Coach Zimmer gets personal about the tragic loss of his wife and about how football is family in the Zimmer household.

Daniel House of Vikings Corner did an amazing job with this opportunity to interview Coach Zimmer himself.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

[pull_quote_center]Zimmer involves his entire family in the process and is always open to ideas they have for the betterment of the foundation.

“I think we have a very close-knit family. My son coaches for me and Corri and Marki; they’ve always been a big part. As parents we always tried to be there for them,” Zimmer said. “It’s nice having everybody involved. When we have ideas, we kind of run it by everybody in the family and then make a decision. Corri is the boss in this,” he smirked.

The goal of the Mike Zimmer Foundation is to better the lives of children in need. They hope to accomplish this statement by promoting a healthy, active, lifestyle and way of life for children. Additionally, they hope to motivate less fortunate children and help them chase their dreams. They are awarding scholarships, will be hosting an academic honor roll program, and football camps in the future.

“It’s just really about giving back to the community,” Zimmer noted. “The most important part is giving back to the Twin Cities and, really, the state of Minnesota. The fans have been so great to me and I want to try to make an impact off the football field. Obviously, I want to on the football field too, but off the football field, so we can maybe help others try to achieve their goals.”[/pull_quote_center]

I encourage everyone to read the entire article over at Vikings Corner by CLICKING HERE.

There is still plenty of time to contribute to #MoreThanWords and we encourage you to donate, attend the Fan HQ event, or help spread the word if you can. Every ounce of effort helps this thing become a success and 100% of everything we can raise will go directly to The Mike Zimmer Foundation.

The deadline for the fundraising (and the new date for giveaway announcements) will be the conclusion of training camp, August 9th.

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