NFC North Roundup: Marshall, Suh, & McCarthy

A quick look around the NFC North to see what is happening this time of year regarding our worst enemies:


The Chicago Bears have had a very tumultuous offseason thus far, but even more turnover is surely on the horizon, and it could involve some of their biggest names.

Right now, it seems to be a hot topic to wonder about the future of wide out Brandon Marshall whose career has seen him playing the position better than anyone at times, while he also became a distraction with off-field issues.

Michael C. Wright of ESPN makes a solid observation about new head coach John Fox’s resume. Fox oversaw feisty wide out Steve Smith in Carolina, who even threw punches at teammates, and still managed to get great things out of Smith and others. It seems unlikely Fox will balk at the idea of coaching a personality like Marshall’s.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Marshall leave our division, however, as I still see him as being one of the best at playing the position. Josh Robinson is probably another guy that would like to see Chicago get a little thinner at wide receiver.


This weekly NFC North segment has been a roller coaster of reports when it comes to the potential free agency of Ndamukong Suh, Detroit’s All-Pro defensive tackle.

The latest in this saga come in the form of reports that Suh wants to play for the Seattle Seahawks.

Suh is from the Pacific Northwest and Jason Cole of Bleacher Report says that the Seahawks are his number one choice when it comes to potential landing spot. Any team, even one that has been to the Super Bowl for two consecutive years, would benefit from having a talent like Suh on the roster.

Likewise, any team would have to heavily weigh the price tag that certainly will come with Suh. The Seahawks have to find extensions for multiple players, including quarterback Russell Wilson, so it could be difficult for them to find the salary cap room for Suh.


Head coach Mike McCarthy put Green Bay media types in a frenzy this weekend when reports surfaced that he will be giving up play calling duties.

The plan, as it is being reported, is to promote Tom Clements to associate head coach and give him the authority to call plays. Edgar Bennett would then move to offensive coordinator.

The news is surprising mostly because McCarthy called plays throughout 2014 in which the Packers were the top scoring team in the NFL and quarterback Aaron Rodgers won the NFL’s MVP award.

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