Calling All Artists: Vikings Need Your Skills

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Here at VT we know that we attract a very diverse group of readers.  After all, people from all walks of life can become Vikings fans willing to endure all that comes with it.  Last week, our own Lindsey Young kicked off her series about this very topic by profiling a Dreamworks animator who has made his fandom a family affair.

Now, if you bleed purple and you happen to have an artistic side, then you might be able to convert your combined passions into something that can live on inside the new stadium.

The Vikings have announced that they are seeking proposals from Minnesota-based artists to help bring the new stadium to life through their work.

“One of the primary goals throughout stadium construction and operation is to utilize Minnesota companies and Minnesota people, and this partnership with Sports and the Arts fits that theme,” said Vikings Owner/President Mark Wilf. “This is an opportunity for Minnesotans and Vikings fans to further impact the design of this stadium with artwork that recognizes the history of the Vikings and celebrates the many attributes of this state and region. When fans see this art throughout the building, it will further emphasize that this stadium is for their benefit and enjoyment.”

The Vikings are keeping an open mind to all artistic ideas.  Paintings, sketches, drawings, objects, photography, sculptures, murals, and digital creations will all be considered.  They will begin accepting submissions on February 1st and the closing date will be March 31st.

If you are interested then I encourage you to CLICK HERE for more information.  If you get commissioned, then please do come back and share your story with us!  I just happen to know an up and coming reporter (Matt Blair’s words, not mine) that would like to interview you.