PETERSON SITUATION: Reports Indicate No Trade Request

I’m shocked. No, really, I’m so very super shocked.

If my most recent take on the Peterson situation wasn’t a big enough of a figurative eye roll towards all of the Peterson “reports” then imagine my reaction when ESPN’s Josina Anderson recently found a way to counter yesterday’s nonsense.

She tweeted that a source with knowledge of the situation told her “Adrian Peterson has not asked for a trade to the #Cowboys and has not had any conversations with (Vikings GM) Rick Spielman.”

Of course, we’ve already known that Peterson having a conversation with Spielman would’ve been a serious violation of the conditions of Peterson’s suspension, so that part is no surprise. Also, if Peterson is forbidden from having contact with the Vikings, then any report suggesting he requested a trade to Dallas is so very obviously suspect.

To be clear, Jason Cole never said Peterson met with Spielman, or even spoke with him. I plan to dissect just how outlets like Sporting News irresponsibly regurgitated Cole’s report and twisted the narrative greatly later on, so keep an eye out for that. I’m waiting for a response from Sporting News, as a courtesy, first.

Remember, we’re getting closer, but we still have a lot of cards that need to be played before we know how all of this will shake out.


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Adam Warwas

Adam Warwas (Founder) has been writing about the Vikings for a total of eight years. Five of those years have been here at Vikings Territory where he continues to surround himself with enough talented individuals that people keep coming back. As proud as he is of what Vikings Territory has become, his real treasures are in his home... a beautiful wife and three amazing children (and a dog named Percy).

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  1. Yeah, Adam, I took almost none of those “reports” seriously, either. As bad as some of the national media types have been over the years at this, they are reaching new heights of speculation and embellishment (who would have ever thought Brian Williams?!). Thanks for bringing this plane to the ground for everyone.

  2. This crap got really old really fast for me. I think its in our nature to want to believe people but its getting harder and harder all the time. geez

  3. media , media …… I do not trust no…. media !!!!! any of them..! if you do ..than you are a fool ..!….!!
    or very stupid .! Even new cast

      1. Even news paper like Bloomington, Minnesota newspaper. Bloomington. Sun Current Bloomington,
        the onion , onion news paper bloomington mn and all over usa. Like bjohnny was saying its in our nature to want to believe people but its getting harder and harder all the time. geez !!!!

  4. I’d like the suspension to be lifted, it’s been much too long already. Then have AD and Zimmer get together. If after that meeting AD doesn’t want to be a Viking? Well…that sucks. Because if he doesn’t want to play for Zim, and get past what a couple of people did or said because of a situation that he caused….then you get what you can for him and try to send him to a place he’ll be happy.
    Then you move on, and say…Teddy! Teddy! Teddy!

      1. Yes, thank you cart. And I too hope this reaches a point where AD and Zim hash it out – probably already have but have to keep it hushed. It would be fun to see what Norv would put together if AD returned and TB having a year under his belt. Could be a real nightmare for DC’s.

  5. All the news and media wants is for their Own interest …. whats good for them self and they don’t care if you get hurt or not ..I hope they get whats comming to themm.. or their love ones get hurt like in the news with all lies .. than maybe they will understand.. Like a saying, What goes around comes around………

  6. The resons why i stop Believing in the news and media was 3 or 5 years ago.. I was at a park with my friend’s.. And we saw this guy arguing with this other guy and the police show up and there was no fight involved but some how one person got arrested. That park was in bloomington.. the next day i read news paper like Bloomington, Minnesota newspaper. Bloomington. Sun Current Bloomington,
    the onion , onion news paper… What shocked me and super shocked me was , the news says that the guy that got arrested. Pick up a park bench table and throw at the other person… guess what..? The park bench table was clement park bench table and it was glued to the clement floor.. Not even PHIL LOADHOLT could lift that and me and my 2 friends witness no fight break out – no throwing things – we all went to the park the following day and took a good looked at the clement park bench table glued to the clement floor and all 3 of us try to lifted and we couldn’t ..! That person the news referred to tossing the tables was alot smaller than me ..I’m 5’8 180 ..that person is maybe 5’5 150 or 160 or he must be the incredible hulk..! ..SO now you see how the news is and are THEY ARE THE BIGEST BS THAT LIFE BRINGS……..!!!!!!!!!!!! SO DON’T believe what you Hear , but only what you see

      1. we all know that the news stretch the truth and speculate just to sell… to make money and to get notice- Attention from viewers= publicity….Some are ture… Most are lies… thats a fact !!!!!!!!!
        To be honest i myself as a individual , sometime exaggerate a little – like little white lies – just add a little to make it interesting ….. And i do know a fact that most of us do or some ..don’t lie to yourself now .. you can lie to me .. , to any one , but don’t lie to yourself…, cause that will be very low of yourself..!! the low of the lowest……….So think what the news can do…